#NewInElementor: Hover animations, speed & UI improvements

Another week of hard work here in Elementor has led to some amazing improvements in the user experience, as well as some cool new features. I know you’re all eager to find out what we’ve managed to accomplish, so let’s get started.

The Fastest Page Builder Just Became Faster

One of the key advantages of using Elementor, which we’ve been boasting about since the launch, has been that Elementor is the fastest page builder in the market.

Because we are dedicated to the goal of giving you the best possible page builder, we have not stopped trying to improve performance even further, and have now made Elementor even faster. In fact, it’s now at least 30% faster, and a lot leaner on memory consumption.

This sets a new standard of speed for page builders on WordPress. It also affects the live page editing, which is even more smooth and seamless.

Add Hover Animations to WordPress

Last week we introduced the Entrance Animations feature, that allowed you to choose from 37 different animations, and set them for your widgets and page elements. This allowed you to easily add animation to WordPress without coding or using external plugin.

Today we are adding the Hover Animations feature, that includes 27 different hover animation effects you can choose from. Hover animations are even more useful than entrance animations, because they make your whole WordPress site more interactive, every time the user hovers over a certain element.

To watch these cool animation effects, hover over the following images:


Live becomes lively

We have added a cool new feature to the UI, that allows you to interact with the widget and see how it behaves while still on Elementor’s editor. For example, you can switch between tabs on the Tabs widget, open and close elements on the Accordion widget, and watch hover animation effects as you hover over the element.

All these interactions are viewed without the need to go to preview mode, while still editing in the content area.

Control the size of the panel

There’s a huge difference between the time you drag and drop widgets onto the page, and the time you configure the widget settings, or write text in the text editor. In the first case you really don’t need the panel to take up too much space, and in the second case you want the panel to be wide enough so it’s convenient to edit.

elementor resize panel

Because of this difference, we’ve added the ability to widen or narrow the panel, allowing you to make the content area wider. All you have to do is grab the side of the panel, above or below the preview arrow, and drag it left and right.

Smooth scrolling for anchors

Smooth scrolling is a user interface pattern that adds an animated motion effect when the user clicks on a menu link. This feature is most commonly used on one page layouts, where the header navigation connects the visitors to the various parts of the page in a smooth motion between the parts.

This effect can also be achieved with JS, or with a dedicated plugin. But hey, why on earth would you choose to use these methods, if you can get the same effect using Elementor?

New Elementor design tutorials

We have already published 11 video tutorials that help you use the different widgets and features of Elementor. Just this week we’ve added 6 new tutorials, that explain about:

Since launching the video tutorial series, we’ve been getting the same request over and over again: To explain how to create a full landing page, from top to bottom. Yesterday we published the first of these videos, titled How to create a stunning landing page using Elementor.


We are growing!

Elementor has been downloaded over 30,000 times, and has over 6,000 active installs. These are really impressive numbers, for a plugin not even two months old. This growth rate is a great motivator for us, and we are thrilled to keep adding more features for our dedicated users to enjoy.

Elementor is now available in 8 different languages. The last language to be added is Persian, created by Hamed Takmil. This is a great step towards making Elementor a global phenomenon. The French and Italian translations are already on their way. We invite French and Italian translators to help us translate the rest of Elementor to your languages, so feel free to join the team in the translation page. If you’ve never translated a plugin, please read our translation guide to help you get started.

Elementor in the Blogosphere

Here are some of the places Elementor has appeared in during the past week:

WPKubeAn in depth review of Elementor by none other than Brenda Barron

Geektime – This week we were featured in the Israeli startup & tech publication Geektime

Icegram – The makers of the Icegram plugin have also published a review of Elementor

WPTutsThe folks at WPTuts have created this amazing video review of Elementor

Coming soon

We get a lot of compliments for having released an open source page builder with full design capabilities. These capabilities are about to expand significantely, with the upcoming release of our template library. This will make designing full websites with Elementor much easier.

Stay tuned for the post next week, where we will explain about this release, which is the biggest improvement we have ever added to Elementor.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Ben Pines is Elementor's CMO. He has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years, specializing in content marketing. WordPress has been Ben's platform of choice since the time it was used solely for blogging.

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17 Responses

  1. Wonderful work… I just want to give one suggestion that if possible then plz do….

    trigger page element animations on both the up and down scroll–whereas by default they would only trigger on the down scroll. then your website will rocking… I think this can be done by you easily but this function can be revolutionary….

  2. Only just been playing around with Elementor putting her through her paces ~ and loving it already ~ the best part is the happy surprises every few days as you introduce new features ~ hover animations! Huzzah! I am soon to start developing a couple of new sites ~ I think I shall buy my Themes from Pojo.me so to support your wonderful efforts with Elementor!

  3. Wonderful work… I just want to give one suggestion that if possible then plz do….

    trigger page element animations on both the up and down scroll–whereas by default they would only trigger on the down scroll. then your website will rocking… I think this can be done by you easily but this function can be revolutionary….

    This is tutorial for DIVI THEME for your reference….


    this is demo site…

    This effect will look great in your theme bcoz elementor has more animation so it will look superb when animation trigger both side up and down….

  4. Hey ben…
    Once again… I just want you to tell you that ur plugin is super fast and excellent… then what is problem dude… there’s no1 reply or review in ur blog… I think you r not doing Marketing properly… please promote your plugin more… bcoz i am damn sure once who will use ur plugin he or she will never try to find other like visual composer or Beaver Builder….. bcoz elemenotr is super fast… so please try to promote more… Bcoz its almost 1 week there is no comment in your blog…

    I really want your plugin to be the most powerful and reasonable plugin in world… it is my true wish from my heart

    Please do more effort to promote your blog and facebook page… and 1more thing please update fast… i just waiting always for update….

    and all the best for ur bright future

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