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Split text into multiple columns

Last Update: February 1, 2024

Text Editor widget allows you to split text into multiple columns, providing a versatile layout option for presenting content. This feature is particularly useful when you want to organize information into a more visually appealing and structured format.

To split text into multiple columns:

  1. Add the Text Editor Widget: Start by adding the Text Editor widget to your canvas. For more information, see Add elements to a page.
  2. Enter Your Text: Within the Text Editor widget, input the text you want to display. This can be paragraphs, lists, images or any other content that you wish to organize into multiple columns.
    add text content Split text into multiple columns 25
  3. Choose the Number of Columns: In the Column field specify the number of columns you want the selected text to be divided into. You can choose between two or more columns based on your design preferences.
    columns 2 Split text into multiple columns 27
  4. Adjust Column Gap: In the Columns Gap field, use the slider to adjust the gap between columns and set specific widths to achieve the desired look.
    columns gap Split text into multiple columns 29

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