Terms & Conditions

Elementor is a free software released under the GPLv3 license. When using the Elementor and Elementor Pro software, you receive all rights granted under the GPL. These Terms of Service do not govern your use of the Elementor and Elementor Pro software, but your services received from Elementor Ltd. 

These terms govern your use of our online store, our forums, our support and update Services, our template library, and other services that we may provide via the Elementor.com website.

Please read the full terms, as they are the legally binding agreement. 

For your convenience, we are providing you with a summary of the terms with the most important sections.

When using the Elementor shop to buy Services, you will receive an activation code. This activation code or other user credentials is meant to let us know that your website is entitled to support. Don’t share it or use it on more websites than you paid for; otherwise, it will be blocked.

We offer a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee for our Pro and Hosting Subscriptions, as stated in our Refund Policy. If you are unsatisfied with those Services, you may request your money back within that time period and cease using our Services. Software you received under the GPLv3 shall remain with you under that license.

If you opt for our affiliate program, we have specific conditions on how to use our marks; please respect them.

If you contribute to our Support, forums, blogs, or other pages, we may use your contributions and may allow others to use them as well.

In any case, we offer no liability, both for our Software and Services, and the use of our website and Software is under your own risk. 

Lastly, when you use our websites and Services, we may collect some information. This is defined in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that neither this preamble nor the “In plain English” part of the Terms of Service may be used to interpret the meaning of this legal document.

And now for the legal part.

Terms of Service

Last Updated: January 2024

Accepting These Terms

We need you to agree to our terms to provide you with Services. We offer this service to almost anyone, but keep your passwords safe, and don’t let others use your credentials.

These Terms of Service governing your access to and use of our website and software, including any content, features, manuals, articles, designs, layout, templates, and services that reside in them. This Agreement alongside the specific policies for different products and services we offer, is a part of the legal framework that governs the use of the Elementor software and website.

“Elementor” means Elementor Ltd., including our subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide (“Elementor”, “we”, “our” or “us”),”

“Services” means: (i) our website, including the online shop and marketplace; (ii) our forums; (iii) our support services; (iv) our update services; (v) our affiliation service; (vi) our Template Library; and (vii) any other service we add to our offering. The policy agreements that apply to you are only the ones applicable to your use; meaning that if you act as an affiliate, then the Affiliation Agreement shall apply to you; if you’re not an affiliate, the affiliation annex does not apply to you.

“Software” means Elementor Core and Elementor Pro.
If you do not understand and/or agree to these Terms, you should immediately exit the Services and cease making any use of the Services.

Accounts and Eligibility Terms

Your Account Is Your Responsibility
You are responsible for what you, and others, do with your account.

You are solely responsible for all actions performed in the Services with your credentials, including your username and password. Keeping your password safe is your sole responsibility. If you have any reason to suspect that your account was compromised or that there was unauthorised access to your account, you must immediately notify us, and we may work together to fix the issue.

  • It is our policy to have one account for the number of members according to the terms of the specific Subscription Plan you have purchased.
  • It is our policy to have one account for one person, and one person for one account.
  • You cannot hold more than one account, and you cannot allow others to access your account.
  • If you are a corporation (or using the account on behalf of a corporation), then you can allow access to your corporate account for one authorized employee on your behalf.
  • You hereby represent and acknowledge that, unless you have otherwise explicitly notified us, anyone accessing your corporate account is acting on your behalf having all required authorisations and consents, and that you remain responsible and liable for any act or omission in connection with such use as if they were yours, including any loss or damage which such use, act or omission may cause.

Account Ownership

The account owner will be the one who has access to the e-mail address of the account created

We will consider the owner of the account as the person or entity who has access to the e-mail address of the account created that we have in our records and not the person or entity who paid for the account. In case it is a corporate entity, then the corporate entity specified in the registration page.

Having said that, we shall have the right to determine who is the owner of the account at our sole discretion in situations where we believe there is a special justification for such a determination.

Eligibility and Identification

Adults use our service. Don’t use our service if you are restricted from entering into any legal agreement.

When registering for the Services, we may authenticate your identity through different third-party services and may require additional identification.

The Services are intended for use by users of at least eighteen (18) years old. If you register for our services, you hereby declare that you are eighteen (18) years old or older and undertake to monitor your account to ensure that no minor under that age has access to the Services.

Billing Information

To subscribe and make payments, you must provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date billing information. This may include details such as name, billing address, and payment methods. You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your billing information and must promptly update any changes to avoid disruptions to the subscription service. Inaccurate or outdated billing information may result in payment issues and potential suspension of access to the Services.

Your Warranties

You’re not a terrorist, and you’re not reopening an account that we closed.

You represent and warrant to us that:

  • You have, and will have at all times, all rights, licenses, and consents required for your use of the Services.
  • You will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • You are not located in, or a national or resident of any of the countries or entities referred to in any country or entity that is subject to a U.S. Government embargo. Nor are you in a country that has been designated by the U.S. Government as a “terrorist supporting” country and are not listed on any U.S. Government list of prohibited or restricted parties.
  • You were not previously prohibited by us from entering into an agreement with us nor was your account and/or use of the Services previously blocked, suspended or terminated by us for any reason.

We Own the Elementor Website and Services

We own the Elementor Website and Services. The Elementor and Elementor Pro software are licensed under GPLv3. Our online store, forums, templates, and other content we provide you outside the scope of the software are ours.

While our Software is licensed under GPLv3, we own all Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Services. This applies, without limitation, to any underlying data, platforms, algorithms, technology, design, UI, any information, services, texts, files, charts, graphs, photos, sounds, videos, fonts, graphics, organization, structure, section assembly and arrangement thereof (including without limitation “look and feel”), features, and any modifications, enhancements and derivatives thereof and all other Intellectual Property Rights related thereto.

We also retain the ownership and full Intellectual Property Rights to the source code of the Elementor.com website, apart from where we specifically use third-party software.

Please be advised that apart from where we specifically granted you a right to do so, all Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Services reside with us.

For the purpose of these Terms, “Intellectual Property Rights” means worldwide, whether registered or not (a) rights associated with works of authorship, designs, mask works and photography including copyrights; (b) trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos, trade names, trade dress, the right to publicity and goodwill rights; (c) patents, patent applications and industrial designs; (d) trade secrets; (e) rights analogous to those set forth herein and any other proprietary rights relating to intangible property; (f) divisions, continuations, renewals, reissues and extensions of the foregoing (as applicable) now existing or hereafter filed, issued, or acquired.

Feedback and Contributions

All contributions to Elementor and Elementor Pro are under the GPLv3 License. If you offer us any feedback, we may use it, but you waive any intellectual property rights relating to it.

All contributions to our Software shall be made under the GPLv3 License and subject to our Contribution License Agreement. If you provide us with other feedback, relating to the Services or our website, such as usability issues, design suggestions, or any other suggestion relating to the Services, you acknowledge that (i) you own all right, title and interest in and to the feedback without any restriction; (ii) the feedback is not subject to any obligation of confidentiality; and (iii) we may be entitled to unrestricted use of the feedback for any purpose whatsoever, without compensation or credit to you or any other person.

Acceptable Use Policy

Be fair and reasonable. Use our website and Services for your own use, and don’t abuse the Services.

This is a list of “don’ts” it is not exhaustive, and we may also find that other non-bona-fide activities constitute as non-acceptable use.

  • Don’t allow others to use your account or license, by means of sale, license, lease assign, transfer, pledge, or any other activity that may be considered as sharing or conveying ownership in your account.
  • Don’t copy or scrape our website, and don’t replicate its functionality. Meaning, don’t imitate our API calls to servers, don’t use an Iframe to reproduce our Services, don’t use a subdomain to redirect to our website.
  • Don’t use our website or Services where it is prohibited by law; meaning, don’t use our Services in any state that is sanctioned by the US Export office or under Israeli law.
  • Don’t use our website or Services to conduct any illegal activity, or transmit any transmit or upload any viruses, spyware or other harmful, infringing, illegal, disruptive or destructive content or files.
  • Don’t scrape our website without our permission, don’t use automated tools to submit queries or posts, and don’t mine personal information from our website.
  • Don’t make extensive API or web calls in a manner that interrupts our hosting company or web-server.
  • Don’t reverse engineer or decompile our website, or perform any activity that might reveal sensitive information.
  • Don’t try to guess usernames or passwords, or otherwise circumvent or attempt to penetrate or circumvent any technical restrictions or limitations in the Services or website.
  • Don’t resell our Services; meaning don’t offer others access to your product keys, or any other enabling methods, such as account credentials or activation codes.   Don’t directly call files from our servers in your themes or products.
  • Don’t remove our legal notices or names from the Services.

HIPAA Regulation: It is strictly forbbiden to upload, or allow anyone else to upload, any patient, medical, or other protected sensitive health information regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to our Services. Additionally, please do not use our Services to process this type of information.

Abusive Customers

Behave respectively to our staff.

We believe that our customers have every right to be heard, understood and respected. Having said that, we also believe that our staff have every right to work in a safe environment, free from any abuse or harm caused by others. Therefore, we will not accept any abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff. Abusive or aggressive behaviour includes language (whether verbal or written) that may cause our staff to feel threatened or abused and may include threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks and rudeness. Unacceptable behaviour as described above may cause us to decide to, by our sole discretion:

  • Terminate all direct contact with such customers.
  • Take any other action that we consider appropriate to the circumstances, including (but not limited to) termination of your subscription, banning you from our services, and any other action we deem necessary.


We are not responsible for your use of our website and Services, and it is made at your own risk.






Limitation of Liability

The maximum damages you may receive from damages we caused is limited. Don’t sue us.






If we get sued for something you did, it will be your responsibility to pay for it.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us and anyone on our behalf, including but not limited to, all of our owners, managers, officers, affiliates, employees, licensors and suppliers harmless against any losses, expenses, costs, claims, damages (including attorneys’ fees, expert fees’, and other costs of litigation) arising from, incurred as a result of, or in any manner related to: (i) any content you submit according to our Submission Policy; and/or (ii) any breach of these terms made by you.

Amending These Terms

We may update these terms from time to time, but we will let you know.

We may update this document from time to time. No update shall have a retroactive effect.

When we update significant terms, we shall notify you via email.

If you continue to use our website and Services following such update, you agree to be bound by the new terms.

If you believe that any amendment to the terms of service impairs your right to use purchased products or services in a manner that affects your business or rights materially, do let us know and we will either issue you a partial refund for the time period which you will not be able to utilize the service or we will discuss a specific term to be applied to you.

Third-Party Components

We may use third-party libraries in our website or Services, we’re not responsible for them.

The Services may contain parts provided by third parties and links to outside services and resources.

We do not screen, monitor, or control such content and services.
Any concerns regarding any such linked service or resource should be directed to such particular service or resource provider.

If we provide outside links, then such links are provided only as an informational resource, simply as a service and only for your convenience. We are not responsible or liable for such links or content.

All third-party components in the Software are subject to third-party license terms available at https://elementor.com/licenses (“Third-Party Components”).

Your right to use such Third-Party Components as part of, or in connection with the Software is subject to any applicable acknowledgments and license terms accompanying such Third-Party Components contained therein or related to that, as set forth herein.

If there is a conflict between the licensing terms of such Third-Party Components and these Terms, the licensing terms of the Third-Party Components shall prevail in connection with the related Third-Party Components.

You hereby agree to such terms associated with the Third-Party Components.

The Software is provided to you without any support for Third-Party Components, which are used with or in connection to the Software, whether installed on your server or otherwise, whether or not in source code.


We may display ads, we’re not responsible for them.

The Services may display ads. Nonetheless, We do not endorse or monitor any of these ads or their content, nor are we responsible for the foregoing, even if it seems affiliated with us.


We may close your account, or terminate the Services. You must stop using the Services at termination.

We may terminate these Terms and/or suspend your right to access or use any portion or all of the Services immediately (including without limitation the right to receive support and update services), at our sole discretion without notice.

Upon termination, you shall immediately cease using the Services.

Any section which includes a representation or warranty shall continue to apply, including any covenant or obligation on your behalf to pay Fees.

We shall not be liable for any damage caused to you or any third-party as a result of terminating these Terms or by suspending or otherwise limiting your use of the Services.


All lawsuits are under Israeli law and in Israel if any part of these terms is unenforceable, it does not affect other parts, we may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms, and you can’t file a class-action lawsuit against us.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction.

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, without regard to the principles of conflict of law therein. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tel Aviv, Israel. The application of the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods or other international laws is expressly excluded.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of a breach or threatened breach of any provision of these Terms by you, we could suffer significant and irreparable harm that could not be satisfactorily compensated in monetary terms and that the remedies at law available to us may otherwise be inadequate and we  shall be entitled, in addition to any other remedies to which it may be entitled to under law or in equity, to the immediate ex parte issuance, without bond, of an equitable relief, including without limitation, an injunctive relief, in any jurisdiction worldwide.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that We shall not be required to post a bond as a condition to obtaining or exercising any such remedies, and you hereby waive any such requirement or condition.


If any provision of these Terms is held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable and if such provision is determined to be invalid or unenforceable nonetheless, the provision shall be deemed to be severable from the remainder of these Terms and shall not cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of these Terms.


We may assign these Terms, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion. You are not entitled to assign or otherwise transfer the Terms, or any of your rights or obligations hereunder, to any third-party without our prior written consent. Any unauthorized assignment will be void and of no force or effect;


These Terms are the entire agreement between you and us regarding the subject matter herein.

Our failure to enforce any rights granted hereunder or to take action against you in the event of any breach hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver as to subsequent enforcement of rights or subsequent actions in the event of future breaches.

All waivers must be in writing. Any waiver or failure to enforce any provision of these Terms on one occasion will not be deemed a waiver of any other provision or such provision on any other occasion;

Your failure to take any action against us over a term of one (1) year from any breach of these Terms shall be automatically deemed as a waiver.

No Class-Action


If you have any further questions or require further clarification, please contact us at elementor.com/contact/

Who Are We?

Elementor Ltd. is an Israeli corporation.

Store Policies

Last Updated: June 2021

We offer you the option to buy subscription services for updates and support to our Software. We offer a 30-day no questions asked refund on Pro and Hosting subscriptions. We also may offer you documentation.

We may allow you to purchase subscriptions to our Services, which include support Services and update Services through our online store.

All Software licensed through the store shall be licensed under GPLv3 unless explicitly stated otherwise either in the download page or by the attached License.txt file.

While we provide a description for all Software and Services, it is your responsibility to make sure that these fit your needs and that you know how to use them.

We may also provide you with access to certain manuals relating to the use of the Services or the Software; any event shall be provided on an “as-is” basis without warranty.

Product Sold In Our Online Store Are According to Their Specifications

Each package that we sell may be different, please check the product page.

Our Services are offered under specific terms as specified in the product page. They may be limited by website calls, number of websites, or dates. We may offer discounts, rebates, or other promotions. Please check the product page before buying.


We need to get paid to sell you our support and update Services.

We offer our Services in the online store according to our current price list (“Fees”).

Payments shall be made by credit card via our third payment service providers and subject to their respective terms of service and privacy policies.

We may update our Fees from time to time or change the payment method.

You will be charged the Fees that arise from such changes only after notice is provided, either by email or a prominent notice on the Services.

By continuing to use the Services following such notice, you agree to be bound by such modifications.

Subscriptions Renew Automatically

Set a reminder for the expiration period if you plan to use our Services only once

In any case where you purchase a subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed upon the end of the applicable subscription period, and you will be charged in advance at the beginning of each billing period.


You bear all taxes that relate to our purchases.

Fees may differ between different jurisdictions based on taxes that we need to add; therefore, during checkout taxes will be added if applicable. Apart from that, the Fees are exclusive of taxes, if there are any, you will bear the taxes.

You are responsible for reporting and paying taxes in connection with the Services, along with any related penalties or interest, as applicable to your purchase or country of purchase.

In the event that you are required by law to deduct and/or withhold any amount from any payments made to us, then the Fees shall be deemed as grossed-up and increased such that the actual net amount to be paid to us shall be equal to the Fees that would have been due to Company without such deduction or withholding.


We provide a 30-day “no questions asked” refund for new Pro and Hosting subscriptions. Note that for monthly subscriptions, each month is considered a renewal, and as such, refunds are not applicable for upgrades, renewals, or other subscription changes.

Such refund shall be available for a period of thirty (30) days from the end of the business day the purchase was made (and if such day is not a business day, then the following business day).

We may refuse to refund people who acted in bad faith or misused the Services, or otherwise violated any of the policies stated in the Terms of Service.

Support and Updates

Last Updated: March 2022

We provide updates and support to paying customers. Don’t abuse our key and don’t pass it around.

Account Credentials

These are meant to ensure you receive your Subscription Plan.

When you register and create an Elementor account, you will receive credentials.

The Account Credentials allow us to authenticate, classify and ensure that your Subscription Plan so that you can receive timely support Services, software updates, and copies of our template library.

We also use this key in accordance with our Privacy Policy to monitor that no abuse is made.


When you purchase a subscription, we will send you updates for the subscription period. Don’t forget to install them.

We may update or upgrade certain components included in the Software at our discretion.

If you purchase and fully pay for a Subscription Plan, you will receive all updates made generally available during the subscription period.

These updates will be available to the websites which you bought the Subscription Plan for.

All Software updates are also licensed under the GPLv3 license unless specified otherwise.


Pay for support, get support.

When you purchase a Subscription Plan that includes certain support Services for the Software only, we will provide you (the Subscription owner and not the actual payer or the professionals working on your site) with support according to that specific plan.

Support is provided for Software only under the specific Subscription Plan you purchase through our channels and on a reasonable commercial effort basis.

We will use reasonable efforts to respond to any support ticket in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the specific Subscription Plan you have purchased.

The Support Services shall not include: (i) altered or damaged Software or any portion thereof; (ii) problems caused by your negligence, abuse or misuse of the Software; and/or (iii) downtime due to: (a) our maintenance time; (b) your own Internet service provider; (c) a force majeure event; (d) any systemic Internet failures; (e) your acts or omissions; (f) third party software; and/or (g) anything outside of our direct control.

Template Library

Last Updated: January 2021

We allow you to use the Template Library. In Elementor Pro you shall receive full access and in Elementor Core you shall receive limited access.

If you have a valid subscription to the Elementor Pro service, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable, limited to access and use our proprietary library of templates known as “Elementor Library” which includes a library of web page templates accessible through Elementor Pro (the “Template Library”).

The use of the Template Library shall be using your Elementor account and without an Elementor account you may not be able to use theTemplate Library.

You may use these templates in your own website, as well as in websites you build for others. Our interpretation of “non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable” is that you may use the Template Library to provide your customers with services, but may not resell them as a separate product. If you provide your customers with a copy of the templates, then they receive the same license you were granted.

Moreover, you may not charge any money from others to use your license granted here.

Please be advised that some of the templates contain third-party images, videos, media, files, audio and other visual components. While we have the right to use them in our Template Library, we cannot warrant that we can reciprocate these rights. This is your sole obligation to review the components included and ensure that you are legally permitted to do so.

Submission Policy

Last Updated: January 2021

If you post blog posts, forum posts, comments, or other material on our website, we may use that content when showing these posts or comments to others. Don’t post offensive material or copyright-infringing material.

You retain all Intellectual Property Rights in your content; however, to use this content, you need to grant us the permissions stated in this section.


You hereby grant us an irrevocable, permanent, unlimited, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, non-exclusive license to use your content and to allow users to view and share your content according to the functionality of our Services and through other third-party services, including the creation of derivative works and the creation of three dimensional works.


You hereby warrant that you are either the sole proprietor or a designated licensee of your content and that no other party’s rights or laws are infringed or violated by your use of the content and our Services. You also warrant that no legal claim, dispute or lawsuit was filed against you or threatened against you for publishing content through our Services.


We may remove content that breaches our terms. We may suspend or stop providing our Services to you if you breach our terms, or if we are investigating suspected misconduct. If we receive a complaint from a third-party stating that your content infringes on any of its legal rights, or is otherwise illegal, we will inspect the complaint and forward you a copy. Once we do that, we may disclose your identity to the person who filed your complaint and remove content if we believe that it is not compliant with these terms. This policy is both for DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notices and for other notices.

Trademark Guidelines

Last Updated: January 2021

These Elementor Trademarks Usage Guidelines (these “Guidelines”) outline how we permit the use of Elementor’s trademarks, brandnames, tradenames, service marks, service names, domain names and logos (collectively, “Elementor Trademarks”).
We have developed these Guidelines with the following goals in mind: We wish to make it easy for anyone to use the Elementor Trademarks for Community-Oriented Efforts in a manner that helps to spread and improve Elementor.

For the sake of these guidelines, “Community-Oriented Effort”means a non-profit project or meetup, which is made to encourage the use of the Elementor or Software.

If you wish to use the Elementor name in a for-profit project, please contact us as specified below.

We wish to make it clear how Community Oriented Efforts can, or cannot, use the Elementor Trademarks.
We wish to prevent anyone from using the Elementor Trademarks in an unfair profit form and to trick or confuse people who are looking for resources officially released by Elementor.

You acknowledge and agree that we are the sole and exclusive owners of the Elementor Trademarks, and that we retain all intellectual property rights in and to the Elementor Trademarks and goodwill associated with Elementor Trademarks and any goodwill generated by your use of any Elementor Trademarks will inure to our exclusive benefit.

You shall at no time contest, challenge, encourage or aid third-parties in contesting the validity or ownership of any Elementor Trademarks or take any action in derogation of our rights therein, including, without limitation, applying to register any trademark, tradename or other designation that is confusingly similar in any way to the Elementor Trademarks.

Our License

If you have a community project, then it’s ok to use Elementor’s name as long as there is no suggestion that the project is affiliated with Elementor.

Subject to the terms and conditions hereunder, we grant to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, revocable license to use and display Elementor Trademarks, solely in accordance with these Guidelines and other written instructions provided by us from time to time, and solely as a part of a Community Oriented Effort.

The Elementor Trademarks shall not be displayed in a manner that implies that the project is affiliated with Elementor. This doesn’t just mean that to comply with these Guidelines; you can write, “we are not affiliated with Elementor” in your footer. Instead, you must refrain altogether from using misleading business practices such as using a domain name comprising solely of the word “Elementor” or just using our logo as your website’s logo.


Don’t make people think you’re affiliated with Elementor.

Your project must have discernible differences from Elementor’s Software. Meaning, it is not a redistribution of the Software.
Your use of the Elementor Trademarks is not displayed in a manner that implies that your project, products and/or services are endorsed or sponsored by Elementor.

For example, organizing an “Elementor Support Forum” might be confusing, and therefore we request that you state that your website is a “Support Forum For Elementor.”

Using the Elementor Trademarks’ colors as a part of your website’s branding is ok, but you shall not do so if this misleads people to think that the website is a formal Elementor site.
Any deceptive practices, such as using domain names that are meant to mislead people to think that they are using an official Elementor website, are prohibited.


We have invested in branding. Don’t change it.

All use of Elementor Trademarks (including any goodwill arising therefrom) shall solely benefit Elementor. Any display of the Elementor Trademarks shall be only in the exact format in which we provide it. No alternate stylization or representation is permitted. Specifically, you may not change the color proportion, or font of any of Elementor Trademarks, or make any additions to or remove any elements from Elementor Trademarks.

Elementor Trademarks shall not be placed on any background that interferes with the readability or display of that Elementor Trademarks.
Elementor Trademarks may not be displayed or used in any manner together with or in the context of any content which is unlawful, defamatory, libelous, harassing, offensive, indecent, pornographic, abusive, discriminatory, fraudulent, threatening or vulgar; or which harms or may harm the goodwill of Elementor (in Elementor’s reasonable discretion).

The above examples of unlawful and prohibited use do not constitute an exhaustive list
Unless you received our explicit consent, under no circumstances is it permitted to use Elementor Trademarks as part of a domain name or top-level domain name. We reserve the right to withdraw any abovementioned consent at any time.

Don’t Advertise

Don’t use Elementor trademarks in keyword ads.

We do not allow the use of the Elementor Trademarks in advertising, including Google Ads and other search engines.

Your Own Risk

The usage is at your own risk.

Use of any Elementor Trademarks is at your own risk. The uses permitted hereunder are provided by Elementor Trademarks “AS-IS,” without any warranties whatsoever, including (without limitation) any warranty of title and non-infringement. You hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Elementor and Elementor affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising from your use of the Elementor Trademarks. Without derogating from or excusing your obligations under this section, Elementor reserves the right (at your own expense), but are not under any obligation, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter which is subject to indemnification by you if you choose not to defend or settle it. You agree not to settle any matter subject to indemnification by you without first obtaining our express approval.


We may change this.

We reserve the right to change these Guidelines at any time, at our sole discretion, with immediate effect.


We can penalize people who abuse these guidelines.

Where we find that you are failing to comply with this policy, we may promptly extract you from our affiliates program and use any and all legal means in its power to stop your activity, including suspension, termination or deactivation of your account.
We reserve the right, exercisable at our sole discretion, to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not conform to these Guidelines.


A few examples to help you understand how to apply these Guidelines:


  • You want to open a Meetup group for Elementor users in your area, and you call it “Elementor Developers Meetup Group – Los Altos.”
  • You can set up a free, unpaid, plugin named “Better Photos For Elementor” (but not a premium plugin).


  • You organize a meetup and call it “Elementor 2019 Meetup.”
  • You set up a website called “Elementor-Templates.com.”
  • You set up a website called “Elementor-Jobs.io.”
Ask Us:

If you’re using the Elementor brand, trademark or logo for any commercial endeavor, please ask our permission first.
When in doubt about your use of the Elementor name or logo, please contact [email protected] for clarification.
This may be relevant if you want to use Elementor Trademarks as a part of your conference, website, group or other logo or if you’re planning on selling any physical product, T-shirts, cups, sweaters or just print stickers.


Last Updated: October, 2023

The Elementor Marketplace is a Service we offer that allows Elementor related businesses to advertise themselves and their portfolio, and to receive messages from potential clients.

Marketplace Registration and Information

Please give us accurate information. Let your clients know about your business.

Participation in the Marketplace is for specific and selected users. If you are allowed to register, you will need to provide us with information about yourself and your business, according to our Submission Policy and the licenses stated there.
Please don’t publish inaccurate information, or take credit for other people’s work. Respect your clients and don’t post their material without their permission.

We Are Not A Party

We don’t take responsibility for professionals, hire them at your own risk.

We cannot assume liability over any person’s work. If you encounter any problem with such professional, please notify us; however, we cannot assume liability over their work and cannot be held responsible in any case.

Affiliate Program

Last Updated: October 2022

Our Affiliate Program (the “Program”) is meant to encourage you to promote our products, to bring us to new audiences and to make sure that you are rewarded for your activity. It does not create any relationship between us apart from independent contractors; you are not our employee, nor do we have a partnership: if we approve your participation in this program, you are an independent contractor.

This means you should pay all applicable taxes, make sure that you have proper insurance, and not make any statement on our behalf. It also means that we will pay you the sums we agree upon specific dates.

Please understand that our liability to you is limited, as stated in our terms of service, and that we are non-exclusive; we can find other affiliates, and you can market other products.

Scope of the Relationship

We’re independent contractors, you can’t share your account with others.

When joining the program, and upon our approval, you will be appointed as a non-exclusive affiliate, and you shall act to refer new potential customers to purchase our products and services. As our affiliate, you may not present yourself as a part of Elementor, and may not create any obligation on behalf of Elementor.

Your participation is personal, meaning that you cannot have sub-affiliates or share your affiliate fees with anyone else.

You shall invest reasonable time in promoting our products and services, and do it with good quality; if we find that your promotional material is problematic, offensive, illegal or otherwise objectionable, we may terminate your participation in the program.

You represent and warrant that you are able to participate in the program, that you will only act in a legal, bona fide manner and that you will not infringe on any intellectual property right or act in any deceptive practice when participating in it.

Promotional Materials and Intellectual Property

Respect our intellectual property, we give you limited permission.

We reserve all our Intellectual Property Rights; and we provide our affiliates a limited, temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicensable license to use our trademark, brand name, and promotional materials, and such license is limited only to the use in promoting our products and services with our permitted banners according to our Trademark Guidelines.

This means that you cannot use our Intellectual Property Rights with another brand name or as a bundled project. It also means that you cannot allow others to use the content we licensed to you.

You may only use the permitted banners and promotional material that we provide you as a part of our gallery.

All promotional materials showing prices should reflect updated prices and discounts at any time.

Termination  and Suspension

We may stop this relationship at any time.

We reserve the right to terminate your affiliation with Elementor (i.e., your membership in the Program), at any time, by providing you with notice of such termination (to the email account with which you applied to the Program), and with immediate effect, at Elementor’s sole discretion. When we terminate our relationship, you must cease using all of our Intellectual Property Rights.

In any case we suspect any breach of these terms, we may also suspend your account until we receive sufficient evidence from you that shows that no breach of these terms occurred.  In such case, we may require review of your books and records prior to reinstatement.

Upon termination due to breach (save for termination due to inactivity), we shall retain all funds in your account.

Termination for Inactivity

If your account is inactive for an extended period, we will terminate your account and only pay the outstanding balance if it is over a specific sum.

By accepting these Affiliate program terms, you agree to receive our newsletter, marketing, and promotional offers from us.

In case we believe that your account is inactive, meaning you have not earned any commission or received any visits using your referral link within two years and\or you have not reached the sum of USD 200 within two years, then we may decide to terminate your account and/or reset your balance. In such a case, your pending balance will not be paid. We may exercise this right without providing you with any prior notice.


Malicious Use

Don’t act bad and keep our reputation. Don’t Distribute Elementor On Your Own.

As long as you participate in the program, you cannot provide any third-party a copy of Elementor, nor can you create derivative works of it. This is to ensure that all distribution of Elementor is made only via our official channels and without any backdoors, changes or insertion of malicious code.

Any work you created that uses both or intellectual property, and your own (for example, a promotional video that has our logo) must be destroyed or deleted. If you do not wish to do so, please contact us and request our specific consent.


We pay according to a specific cookie measurement; we can only pay for these people.

Each affiliate will be provided with a fixed affiliate commission that we will notify in writing. We may change this commission at any time based on our own discretion. Such changes will not be retroactive.

We pay our commission for qualified leads; a qualified lead is a new customer, who subscribed to our platform within a certain duration of days of clicking a permitted banner you placed, and who made a purchase of any of our goods and services; all, provided that we were not introduced to this customer by any other affiliate or that he did not subscribe to our website of his own volition prior to his click. We will not pay a commission for self-dealing, i.e using the affiliate program to get discounts.

The commission shall be calculated out of our net revenues from your qualified leads, which means our total revenues, minus taxes, chargebacks, cancellations, bad debt, collection costs, clearing costs and payments made in order to collect the payment.

The means of tracking your qualified leads shall be by placing a banner that includes your tracking tags, pixels, and code we provide you.

You agree that our books and records are deemed as accurate and that our tracking is final.


We will pay you according to our specific program.

Your commission is calculated only upon payment to you. Until then, the expected payment is not an obligation from us to you, but an estimation of future revenues.

We pay our affiliates on a monthly basis when their commissions reach a threshold that we determine and post on our website. The payment shall be made via PayPal or any other method we agree upon.

Until the payment is made, the sums specified on your account are not considered debt, and shall not be paid until you reach that threshold.

You shall bear all taxes and expenses relating to the payment, including any fees which may be incurred by your bank.

You are required by law to provide us with an invoice upon payment.

If we provide a qualified lead with a refund, then we may deduct the commission from your future payment, or request that you return such fees. You also agree that we may offset any sums that you may owe us from any future payments.

Each party shall bear its own expenses, and the commission you are entitled to is the sole payment you receive in relation to your services.

Bad Practices

We will kick you out if you are a bad actor.

Without limiting our Trademark Guidelines, we consider the following as “bad practices” which are prohibited and will cause automatic termination of your participation in this program, as well as forfeiture of all sums you are entitled to.

Please note that if at any time we believe that you acted in bad faith or illegally, we may also cancel your participation and withhold all payments.

The following are considered bad practices: (i) using deceptive practices, encouraging users to click banners or use of any automated means to create traffic; (ii) presenting yourself as a part of Elementor; (iii) using the Elementor brand, either in violation of the Trademark Guidelines while presenting unpermitted banners, or when using the Elementor Brand as a part of your domain name, website name, banners or in any form of paid advertising (for example, PPC campaigns); (iv) using domain names that imply any link to the Elementor brand including the word “Elementor” or similar sounding, looking or typed names; (v) spamming; (vi) buying traffic; (vii) using paid search or keyword advertising using our Intellectual Property Rights or brand name to drive traffic to your site or to the banners; (viii) making any changes to the Elementor plugin or including the tags, pixels and codes in items not related to Elementor; (ix) offering coupons or discounts without our consent; (x) offering others a part of your commission; (xi) placing your unique affiliate link in themes, templates, the “Go Pro” button in Elementor Free, on the WordPress Dashboard and/or any other WordPress software;  (xii) using words like “deal”, “sale” or “discount” in a deceptive manner or in a way stating that there is any discount, rebate, cash-back or other reduced payment for the services when there isn’t.

All websites which you use to promote Elementor must have a prominent privacy policy, which is acceptable under the relevant privacy protection laws, as well as provide a prominent notice on the collection of data made by us using the tag, pixel, and code.

This list is non-exhaustive, and we may block any practice that we believe is bad and terminate or suspend your account due to it. Bad Practices also include any illegal or unauthorized advertising, infringing intellectual property rights, invading users’ privacy, or otherwise using any advertising in violation of local laws and regulations.


Don’t tell others how much you earned from the program.

Our relationship is confidential; meaning that your commission is confidential, the fact that we paid you is not. You should add a decent disclosure if required by law that you receive a commission for every click on our banner, but you should not tell others what is your specific commission.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 2024

Elementor Ltd., including our subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide (“Elementor”, “we”, “our” or “us”), puts great efforts in making sure that the personal data we process is safe and used properly, and that our data practices are accurately communicated to our prospects and users (“you”).

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, store, use and disclose the following types of personal data:

Prospect data concerning our visitors, prospective affiliates and customers, who visit or engage with our websites (such as https://elementor.com/ and its subdomains), blogs, community, marketplace or other similar forums, online ads and content, emails or other communications under our control (collectively, the “Sites”), or participate in events or webinars that we organize or take part in (collectively, “Prospects”).

User data concerning individuals (“Users”) who use Elementor’s WordPress web development platform, features and tools, and/or cloud hosting solution (together with the Sites – the “Services”).

Specifically, this Privacy Policy describes our practices regarding:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Uses
  3. Data Location
  4. Data Retention
  5. Data Security
  6. Data Sharing
  7. Cookies and Tracking Technologies
  8. Communications
  9. Data Subject Rights
  10. Elementor Cloud
  11. Roles and Responsibilities
  12. Additional Information and Contact

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure that you fully understand and agree to it.

You are not legally required to provide us with any personal data, and may do so (or avoid doing so) at your own free will. If you do not wish to provide us with your personal data, or to have it processed by us or any of our Service Providers (per Section 6 below), please avoid any interaction with us or any use of our Services.

1. Data Collection

we collect your data when you use our Services or contact us, directly ourselves or via third-party services.

Such data may include:The data we process regarding our Prospects and Users is typically collected and generated through automatic means, directly from you, through your interaction with us or with our Services; or through third-party services, social media, analytics tools, events we organize or take part in, and other business initiatives.

  • Contact information: contact details and interests, as well as any needs, preferences, attributes and insights relevant to our potential engagement;
  • Direct interactions and communications with us: correspondence with us (e.g., for user experience, support and training purposes), as well as chats, surveys, feedbacks, calls and video recordings, transcriptions, and analyses thereof;
  • Site usage information: connectivity, technical and aggregated usage data, user agent, IP addresses, device data (such as type, OS, device ID, browser version, locale and language settings used), approximate geolocation, activity, communication and performance logs, session recordings, issues and bugs, and the cookies and pixels installed or utilized on your device.

We collect additional data from our Users, such as:

  • Account information: e-mail address, name and, when applicable, hashed password, phone number or other information used for authentication, access control and providing support;
  • Payment information: mailing address, tax ID number, company name (if applicable), 4 last digits of the credit card number, expiration date, credit card type, or account details at payment processing services such as PayPal (if applicable), and payment preferences. To the extent that any of the foregoing solely relates to a non-human entity, we will not regard it as personal data, and this Privacy Policy will not apply to it.
  • Service usage information: license key, server’s software, version and IP address, MySQL version, PHP settings & version, WordPress version, WordPress debug mode, WordPress memory limit, WordPress max upload size, WordPress settings (permalink structure, multisite, language, theme, plugins), site URL, number of custom templates saved to library, number of posts using Elementor, and number of widgets used. Please note, if you enabled the Services’ usage information collection option, you can always disable it by unchecking the ‘Usage Data Tracking’ option in the dashboard’s settings.

2. Data Uses

We use your data to provide you with our Services, to continually improve them, and to communicate with you.

Elementor processes the personal data described in Section 1 for the purposes listed below, as necessary for the performance of our Services (“Performance of Contract”); to comply with our legal and contractual obligations (“Legal Obligations”); and to support our legitimate interests in maintaining, improving and advertising our Services. These include understanding how our Services are used, and how our Services, campaigns and other activities are performing; gaining insights which help us dedicate our resources and efforts more efficiently; marketing, advertising and selling our Services; providing customer service and technical support; and protecting and securing our Services, ourselves and the organizations and individuals we engage with (“Legitimate Interests”).

Elementor operates in many countries around the world. If you reside or are using the Services in a territory governed by privacy laws under which “consent” is the only or most appropriate legal basis for processing personal data in the manners described in this Policy (in general, or specifically with respect to the types of personal data you expect or elect to be or have processed by or via the Services), your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy will be deemed as your consent to the processing of your personal data for all purposes detailed herein. If you wish to revoke such consent, please contact us at [email protected].

Specifically, we use your data for the following purposes (and in reliance on the legal bases for processing noted next to them, as appropriate):

  • To facilitate, operate, enhance and provide our Services. We specifically note that in accessing certain third-party domains, per your instructions, we may conduct such access through your IP address, in order to ensure relevant and efficient access to public data. Please note that this activity may be tracked by Internet Service Providers. We will never use the IP address to access websites which may impact your ability to access the Internet (Performance of Contract; Legitimate Interests);
  • To provide you with assistance and technical support services, to test and monitor the Services, or diagnose or fix technology problems, and to train our staff (Performance of Contract; Legitimate Interests);
  • To personalize our Services, including by recognizing an individual and remembering their information when they return to our Services, and to provide further localization and personalization capabilities (Performance of Contract; Legitimate Interests);
  • To gain a better understanding on how individuals use and interact with our Services, which content and data they have processed through our Services, and how we could improve their and others’ user experience and the value they can generate from using the Services, so we could continue improving our products, offerings and the overall performance of our Services, including through the utilization and optimization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities (Legitimate Interests);
  • To facilitate and optimize our marketing and advertising campaigns, ad management and sales operations, and to manage and deliver advertisements for our products and Services more effectively (Legitimate Interests; Consent);
  • To contact you with general or personalized service-related messages, or with promotional messages, in accordance with Section 8 below, and to facilitate, sponsor and offer certain events and promotions (Performance of Contract; Legitimate Interests; Consent);
  • To facilitate and optimize our marketing campaigns, ad management and sales operations, and to manage and deliver advertisements for our products and services more effectively, including on other websites and applications. Such activities allow us to highlight the benefits of using our Services, and thereby increase your engagement and overall satisfaction with our Services. This includes contextual, behavioral and interests-based advertising based on your activity, preferences or other data available to us or to our business partners (Legitimate Interests; Consent);
  • To support and enhance our data security measures, including for the purposes of preventing and mitigating the risks of fraud, error or any illegal or prohibited activity (Performance of Contract; Legitimate Interests);
  • To create aggregated statistical data, inferred non-personal data, or anonymized or pseudonymized data (rendered non-personal), which we or our business partners may use to provide and improve our respective services, or for any other purpose (Legitimate Interests); and
  •  To comply with our legal, regulatory, compliance and contractual obligations (Legal Obligations).

3. Data Location

We and our Service Providers will store your data in different locations worldwide.

We and our authorized Service Providers maintain, store and process personal data in the various locations we operate around the globe, including in Israel, the EU and the US, as reasonably necessary for the proper performance and delivery of our Services, or as may be required by law.

While privacy laws may vary between jurisdictions, Elementor, its affiliates and Service Providers are each committed to protect personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, customary industry standards, and such appropriate lawful mechanisms and contractual terms requiring adequate data protection, regardless of any lesser legal requirements that may apply in the jurisdiction to which such data may be transferred.

Elementor Ltd. is headquartered in Israel, a jurisdiction which is recognized by the European Commission and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as offering an adequate level of protection for the personal data of UK and EEA residents. We transfer personal data from the EEA and the UK to Israel on this basis. For data transfers from the EEA or UK to countries which are not considered to be offering an adequate level of data protection, we and the relevant data exporters and importers have entered into Standard Contractual Clauses as approved by the European Commission and UK ICO. You can obtain a copy by contacting us as indicated in Section 12 below.

4. Data Retention

We retain your personal data for as long as necessary to provide you with our Services; we do not retain your payment information.

We retain your personal data for as long as it is reasonably necessary to provide you with our Services and offerings and to maintain and expand our relationship; to comply with our legal and contractual obligations; or to protect ourselves from any potential disputes (e.g. as required by laws applicable to log-keeping, records and bookkeeping, and in order to have proof and evidence concerning our relationship, should any legal issues arise following your discontinuance of use), all in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Please note that except as required by applicable law or our specific agreements with you, we will not be obligated to retain your personal data for any particular period, and we are free to securely delete it or restrict access to it for any reason and at any time, with or without notice to you. If you have any questions about our data retention policy, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

Please also note that we do not retain your payment information, it is transferred directly to the relevant Service Provider (as per Section 6 below). We only retain a token of such payment information (which cannot be used to reidentify it) and the chosen payment method, as it is required for your continuous payment of our Services subscriptions.

5. Data Security

We will do our best to make sure your data is secured.

We and our Service Providers implement systems, applications and procedures to secure your personal data, to minimize the risks of theft, damage, loss of information, or unauthorized access or use of information. These measures provide sound industry-standard security, however, although we make efforts to protect your privacy and data, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of any personal data stored with us or with any third-parties.

6. Data Sharing

We may share your data for different reasons, mainly in order to provide you with our Services, or if required by law.

Legal Compliance: in exceptional circumstances, we may disclose or allow government and law enforcement officials access to your personal data, in response to a subpoena, search warrant or court order (or similar requirement), or in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, with or without notice to you. Such disclosure or access may occur if we believe in good faith that: (a) we are legally compelled to do so; (b) disclosure is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding actual or suspected illegal activity, fraud, or other wrongdoing; or (c) such disclosure is required to protect our legitimate business interests, including the security or integrity of our products and Services.

Service Providers: we engage selected third-party companies and individuals to perform services complementary to our own. Such Service Providers include hosting and server co-location services, communications and content delivery networks (CDNs), internet service providers, operating systems and platform, data analytics services, marketing and advertising services, data and cyber security services, fraud detection and prevention services, billing and payment processing services, web analytics, e-mail and SMS distribution and monitoring services, session or activity recording services, remote access services, performance measurement, data optimization services, social and advertising networks, content providers, support and customer relation management systems; and our business, legal, financial and compliance advisors (collectively, “Service Providers“). These Service Providers may have access to your personal data, depending on each of their specific roles and purposes in facilitating, supporting and enhancing our Services, and may only use it for such purposes.

As part of providing the Services our affiliates, agents, contractors, representatives, trusted business partners, and third-party service providers (including without limitation, the following entities) may have access to your personal data: We use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Microsoft Ads, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn Ads to reach our target audience with relevant ads. We use the data to track sales and other business goals, all the data is being masked, and the company can’t identify any action from a specific customer or user. We use CloudFlare to accelerate our web pages. We use Facebook Messenger and Manychat to communicate with our users; each interaction is logged in Facebook Messenger. We use MailChimp, SendGrid, Jilt, and Kustomer to send promotional and support communications to our users.  We use Google Analytics to analyze marketing goals and to integrate different data sources together. We use PayPal, and Stripe for our payment processing and accounting. We use Hotjar in order to better understand your needs and optimize these services and experience. We require the foregoing parties to process such information in compliance with this Privacy Policy and subject to security and other appropriate confidentiality safeguards.  If you used our services to contact a third-party, such as in our marketplace, then we will provide the information you filled out in the form to said third-party.

Third-Party Websites and Services: our Services may include links to third-party websites, and integrations with third-party services. Such websites and third-party services, and any information you process, submit, transmit or otherwise use with such websites and third-party services, are beyond the scope of Elementor’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and will therefore be governed by such third-party’s terms and privacy practices and policies, and not by this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to carefully read the terms and privacy policies of such websites and third-party services.

Account Administrators for Multi-Member Plans: User data may be shared with the administrator or other Users of the same account (if applicable). This means that the administrator of the account may have access, and will be able to monitor, process and analyze the personal data contained therein, as well as your use of the Services and communication with us.

Protecting Rights and Safety: we may share personal data with others if we believe in good faith that this will help protect the rights, property or personal safety of Elementor, our Users, our Prospects, or any members of the general public.

Elementor Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies; Change of Control: we may share personal data internally within our group, for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In addition, should Elementor Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates undergo any change in control or ownership, including by means of merger, acquisition or purchase of substantially all or part of its assets, or will be considered or found eligible for a governmental grant and/or a potential investment, personal data may be shared with the parties involved in such an event. If we believe that such event might materially affect your personal data then stored with us, we will notify you of this event and the choices you may have via e-mail or prominent notice on our Services.

Additional Sharing: we may share your personal data in additional manners, pursuant to your request or explicit approval, or if we are legally obligated to do so, or if we have successfully rendered such data non-personal, non-identifiable and anonymous. We may transfer, share or otherwise use non-personal and non-identifiable data at our sole discretion and without the need for further approval.

7. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We use cookies to provide and improve our Services.

Elementor and our Service Providers use cookies and other technologies for performance, tracking, analytics, personalization purposes and in order to provide you with a better experience. We may share non-identifiable/aggregated extracts of such information with our partners for our legitimate business purposes.

Cookies: cookies are small text files that are stored through the browser on your computer or mobile device (for example, Google Chrome or Safari) when you visit a website. Some cookies are removed when you close your browser session – these are the “session cookies”. Some last for longer periods and are called “persistent cookies”. We use both types of cookies to facilitate the use of the Services’ features and tools. Whilst we do not change our practices in response to a “Do Not Track” signal in the HTTP header from a browser or mobile application, you can manage your cookies preferences, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them, through your browser settings. Please bear in mind that disabling cookies may complicate or even prevent you from using the Services. For more information regarding cookies, you may find the following websites useful: www.allaboutcookies.org, www.youronlinechoices.co.uk.

Google Analytics: we use Google Analytics to collect information about the use of our Services. Google Analytics collects information such as how often you visit the Services, which pages you visited when doing so, and which other sites they used prior to coming to our Services. We do not merge the information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable data. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to and use of the Services is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. You can learn more about how Google collects and processes data specifically in connection with Google Analytics here. Further information about your option to opt-out of these analytics services is available here.

To learn more about our cookies practices, please visit our Cookie Policy.

8. Communications

We may contact you with service and promotional communications.

We engage in service and promotional communications, through social media, e-mail, phone, SMS and notifications.

Service Communications: we may contact you with important information regarding our Services. For example, we may send you notifications (through any of the means available to us) of changes or updates to our Services (such as billing issues, login attempts or password reset instructions, alerts and notifications concerning anomalies detected by our Services, etc.). You can control your communications and notifications in accordance with the instructions included in the communications sent to you. Please note that you will not be able to opt-out of receiving certain service communications which are integral to your use (like password resets or billing notices payment issues, login attempts or password reset instructions, etc.).

Notifications and Promotional Communications: we may also notify you about new features, additional offerings, events, webinars, special opportunities or any other information we think you will find valuable. We may provide such notices through any of the contact means available to us (e.g., SMS, phone, mobile or e-mail), through the Services, or through our marketing campaigns on any other sites or platforms. In order to control your notifications settings please follow the instructions included in the promotional communications sent to you. If you do not wish to receive such communication, you may also notify us by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

9. Data Subject Rights

You may exercise your rights concerning your personal data, by contacting us or editing your user profile.

Individuals have rights concerning their personal data. If you wish to exercise your privacy rights under any applicable law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or the CCPA, such as – to the extent applicable – the right to know/request access (specific pieces of personal data collected; categories of personal data collected; categories of sources from whom the personal data was collected; purpose of collecting personal data; categories of third parties with whom we have shared personal data), rectification or erasure of your personal data held with Elementor, please log in to “My Profile” and edit your user profile. If you wish to exercise your right to restrict or object to such personal data’s processing, to direct us not to sell your personal data to third parties now or in the future, or to port such personal data, or the right to equal services and prices (e.g. freedom from discrimination) (each to the extent available to you under the laws which apply to you) – please contact us by e-mail at: [email protected]. Please be advised that deleting your personal data stored with Elementor will adversely affect your use of our Services.

Please note that such rights are not absolute. There are instances where applicable law or regulatory requirements allow or require us to refuse to provide some or all of the personal data that we hold about you. In the event that we cannot accommodate your request, we will inform you of the reasons why, subject to any legal or regulatory restrictions.

Please also note that we may require additional information, including certain personal data, in order to authenticate and process your request. Such additional information may be then retained by us for legal purposes (e.g., as proof of the identity of the person submitting the request), in accordance with Section 4 above. We may redact from the data which we will make available to you, any personal data related to others.

Our website uses Hyvor Talk service as the commenting platform. The comments and other data exchanged are stored securely within the Hyvor Talk system. Your personal data will be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, please refer to their privacy policy.
We use Hyvor Talk’s Single Sign-on feature to connect our userbase with the comments system. Your account details will be used when you choose to comment.

10. Elementor Cloud

We may process personal data on our Cloud Users’ behalf, if you are their visitor or user, please contact them directly with any requests.

With respect to our cloud offering, we may store personal data of visitors and users of our Users, who are hosting their website on Elementor (“Cloud Users”).

If you are a visitor or user of our Cloud Users’ website, and you would like to make any requests or queries regarding data we process on their behalf, please contact them directly. For example, if you are a visitor or user of our Cloud User and you wish to access, correct, or delete data processed by Elementor on their behalf, please direct your request to the relevant Cloud User (who is the “data controller” of such data – per Section 11 below). Note that if you do contact us, we may share your communications with the relevant Cloud User.

We recommend our Cloud Users to provide their visitors and users with adequate notice (for example via a privacy policy on their website), including sufficient reference to the processing of such data by us, and any other information necessary to comply with applicable laws. If you are a visitor or user of our Cloud Users’ website, we recommend reading such privacy policy carefully and making sure that you fully understand and agree to it. Please note that such Cloud Users’ websites are not governed by this Privacy Policy.

11. Roles and Responsibilities

We are the controllers of our Prospects and Users data; we are the processors of visitors and users’ data processed on our Cloud Users’ behalf.

Certain data protection laws and regulations, such as the GDPR or the CCPA typically distinguish between two main roles for parties processing personal data: the “data controller” (or under the CCPA, “business”), who determines the purposes and means of processing; and the “data processor” (or under the CCPA, “service provider”), who processes the data on behalf of the data controller. Below we explain how these roles apply to our Services, to the extent that such laws and regulations apply.

Elementor is the “data controller” of its Prospects and Users data. With respect to such data, we assume the responsibilities of data controller (solely to the extent applicable under law), as set forth in this Privacy Policy. In such instances, our Service Providers processing such data will assume the role of “data processor”.

Elementor is the “data processor” of its Cloud Users’ visitors and users’ data, which we process on behalf of our Cloud Users, who are the “data controller” of such data. Such processing will be in accordance with Elementor Cloud Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”). In these instances, our Service Providers processing such data will assume the role of “sub-processors”.

For the avoidance of doubt, each Cloud User is solely responsible for providing adequate notice to their visitors and users whose personal data may be processed – including sufficient reference to the processing of their personal data via the Services, and any other information necessary to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws; and to obtain all approvals and consents from such individuals as required under such laws.

12. Additional Information and Contact Details

External Links: while our Services may contain links to other websites or services, we are not responsible for their privacy practices. We encourage you to pay attention when you leave our Services for the website or application of such third-parties, and to read the privacy policies of each and every website and service you visit. This Privacy Policy applies only to our Services.Updates and Amendments: we may update and amend this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting an amended version on our Services. The amended version will be effective as of the date it is published. We will provide prior notice if we believe any substantial changes are involved via any of the communication means available to us or via Services. After such notice period, all amendments shall be deemed accepted by you.

Our Services are not designed to attract children under the age of 18: we do not knowingly collect personal data from children and do not wish to do so. If we learn that a person under the age of 18 is using the Services, we will attempt to prohibit and block such use and will make our best efforts to promptly delete any personal data stored with us with regard to such child. If you believe that we might have any such data, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

California Requirements: This Privacy Policy describes the categories of personal information we may collect and the sources of such information (in Section ‎‎1 above), and our retention (Section ‎4) and deletion (Section ‎9) practices. We also included information about how we may process your information (in Sections ‎2 through ‎8), which includes for “business purposes” under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We do not sell your personal information for the intents and purposes of CCPA. We may share personal data with third parties or allow them to collect personal data from our Services as described in Section ‎6 above, if those third parties are authorised Service Providers or business partners who have agreed to our contractual limitations as to their retention, use, and disclosure of such personal data, or if you integrate the services of third parties with our Services, or direct us to disclose your personal data to third parties.

If you have any questions or would like to exercise your rights under the CCPA, you can contact [email protected]. Questions, concerns or complaints: if you have any comments or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or if you have any concerns regarding your personal data held with us, or if you wish to make a complaint about how your personal data is being processed by Elementor, you can contact us at [email protected].

Representative for data subjects in the EU and UK

We value your privacy and your rights as a data subject and have therefore appointed Prighter Group with its local partners as our privacy representative and your point of contact.
Prighter gives you an easy way to exercise your privacy-related rights (e.g. requests to access or erase personal data). If you want to contact us via our representative, Prighter, or make use of your data subject rights, please visit the following website.


Last Updated: October, 2023

We provide hosted Elementor services for clients who purchase a subscription. If you operate a website using our hosted service, you need to operate it legally, post only appropriate content, and avoid abusing our services.

Hosting Services

Your hosted service is limited, you can only access the WordPress and Elementor administration panel, and not the servers. We may put a cap on storage and/or bandwidth and/or limited traffic and/or CPU.

We offer cloud hosted services for Elementor based websites, that come pre-installed with WordPress and Elementor. Your hosted service includes your right to use these services, however, you are not a licensee of the software that we provide you access to.
We do not provide full access to the server, but only a limited web-based access.

The hosted services provide a limited storage cap and/or limited bandwidth and/or limited traffic and/or limited CPU, as provided in our documentation and in accordance with the type of the applicable subscription and are meant for bona-fide use of the website. Exceeding from such limited storage/bandwidth/traffic/CPU may incur additional costs.

Third-Party Services: Shoptimizer Theme

While the Shoptimizer Theme is provided to you for free, it is governed by Shoptimizer’s terms and conditions and privacy policy, which may be amended from time to time, and Elementor bears no responsibility for it (similar to other Third Party plugins you choose to activate on your site).

1. Provision of Shoptimizer Theme

When you purchase or use the Shoptimizer theme for eCommerce through our platform, you acknowledge and agree that this service is governed by the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of Shoptimizer.

2. Acceptance of Shoptimizer Terms and Conditions

By purchasing or using the Shoptimizer theme, you agree to be bound by Shoptimizer’s terms and conditions and privacy policy, which may be amended from time to time. It is your responsibility to review and understand these terms and conditions prior to engaging with the service.

3. Changes to Shoptimizer Terms

We are not responsible for notifying you of any changes to Shoptimizer’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Any changes to Shoptimizer’s terms will take effect as specified by Shoptimizer. Your continued use of the Shoptimizer theme constitutes your acceptance of any such changes.

4. No Liability for Shoptimizer Services

We do not assume any liability for the actions, products, or services provided by Shoptimizer. Any disputes or issues arising from your use of the Shoptimizer theme should be resolved directly with Shoptimizer.

5. Disclaimers

We make no representations or warranties regarding the Shoptimizer theme, including but not limited to its quality, availability, or suitability for your needs. Your use of the Shoptimizer theme is at your own risk.

6. No Partnership or Endorsement

We are not in partnership with Shoptimizer and do not endorse or recommend their products or services. The inclusion of the Shoptimizer theme on our platform does not imply any form of partnership, joint venture, or other affiliation with Shoptimizer, nor does it constitute an endorsement of Shoptimizer or its offerings.

7. Contact Information

For issues related to the Shoptimizer theme, please contact Shoptimizer directly. Contact details can be found in Shoptimizer’s terms and conditions or on their official website.

Static Hosting

Dynamic Content

When your website is in static mode, dynamic content features, such as user logins, commenting systems, e-commerce functionality, and live data feeds, may not work as expected or may be completely unavailable.

Database-Dependent Functionality

Many website features rely on databases to store and retrieve information. In static mode, where no database interactions are possible, functionality that depends on database queries may not work. This includes content management systems (CMS), dynamic page generation, search functionality, and data-driven applications.


We may put a cap on traffic, and block certain traffic.

Your subscription offers limited bandwidth and traffic, and is not meant to serve as a content delivery network. We provide limited service, with service caps.

We may suspend any account, subscription or website if it deviates from our service cap, or collect a surcharge according to our then-applicable rates.

We moreover require that files hosted on the website will not be deep-linked, and that you will not use the website as a storage service.
We do not allow storage of files larger than a certain threshold, and if we believe a file is used as a part of a file sharing scheme, we may disable access to it.

Our Responsibilities

We provide limited hosted and technical support.

We provide the Cloud Service, including technical support, as described in each Offer Description. We may enhance and refine the Cloud Service provided we do not materially reduce its core functionality. From time to time, we may perform scheduled maintenance to update the servers and software used to provide the Cloud Service. You acknowledge that we may, in certain situations, need to perform emergency maintenance of the Cloud Service without providing advance notice to You, during which time, we may temporarily suspend Your access to and use of the Cloud Service.

We may provide you with support services using our access tokens that you will grant us via tools and software that are integrated in the service.

Service Level

We warrant that our Services will be operational most of the time.

We will make any effort to ensure that the Cloud Services are performed in a professional manner with industry standards reasonably applicable to such Services.

We strive for the hosting services to be operational at least 99.9% of the time calculated annually, i.e. that downtime percentage will be no more than 0.1%

Storing Third Party Code

We allow you to run some external plugins, but may refuse any plugin for any purpose.

We allow you to store and run third party code as long as it adheres to our Acceptable Use Policy in our Terms of Service, and as long as it does not create excessive server use and harms our user experience.

We may disable any third party code at any time and without prior notice.

We may also allow you to use some selected third party plugins using your hosted account. These plugins are neither endorsed by us nor affiliated with us, and we assume no responsibility for their functionality.

Our offering includes an installed WordPress website, with the Elementor plugins installed. However, in order to allow functionality, this also includes several first party and third-party code to provide services and collect data; the removal of such pre-installed software is prohibited, even if technically possible.

Storing Third Party Content

Take responsibility for the content you upload to our services.

If you decide to upload, embed, display or otherwise make available to the public any third party content, you need to ensure that you have the right permission and license to do so and that such content does not harm any third party or is in violation of any law. We cannot inspect, nor do we assume responsibility, for such action.

Please note that any content displayed on your website is your responsibility, and you will be the party facing legal action if it was found in violation of this policy.

User Generated Content

You are responsible for your user generated content; please set a policy for user generated content.

Your website may contain user generated content; meaning website comments, reviews, posts or forum entries. Please create a policy for your end-users that deals with such content according to the applicable laws, and ensure in such policy that we are exempt from any liability.

Your Content

Our content policy applies; please read it. Don’t post illegal content, offensive content or other content that is in violation of any person’s rights.

The statements in our Submission Policy applies to all content in your website.

By using our Services you provide us with information, files, and folders that you submit to us (together, “your uploads”). You retain full ownership to your uploads. We do not claim any ownership to any of it. These Terms do not grant us any rights to your uploads or intellectual property except for the limited purpose of operating, promoting and improving our Services and to develop new ones.

We prohibit the use of software or scripts running on our servers that may cause the server to load beyond a reasonable level, as we may determine from time to time.

You also acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to remove sites, temporarily or permanently, if you are in violation of these Terms or if your site’s content may deem as harassing, abusive, racist, offensive, deceptive, encouraging criminal or harmful conduct, libelous, incendiary, obscene or otherwise violates any third party’s rights.


Backups are a part of your plan, but you may not be able to use them. Back the material by yourself.

The amount of data that can be backed up under your subscription is limited to the amount specified in your chosen plan. Attempting to backup additional data beyond this limit may require you to agree to additional charges. We will use reasonable efforts to maintain and backup data, but we cannot guarantee that all data will be free from errors or corruption. We cannot warrant that we will be able to restore your website and content at all times. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to create your own backups for your website. In addition, we reserve the right to limit or delete backups of your data if it is determined that your usage is consuming an excessive amount of system resources or causing performance issues of other users.

We reserve the right to delete any websites that have been in a staging status for a longer period of time than is mentioned in the plan you have chosen.

This policy is implemented to maintain the performance and security of our servers, and to ensure that inactive websites do not occupy valuable resources. We will not be responsible for any loss of data or content as a result of such deletion.

SSL Certificates

SSL is not super-secure, and our certificates are temporary.

We may offer SSL certificates for your websites, which are based on third party certificate service. Such certificates do not mean we inspected ownership of your website and domain-name, nor do they mean that we validated such a domain’s adherence with any practices.

Such certificates may be revoked at any time, either by us or by the third party provider, for any reason.


Respect others’ rights; only buy domains that you can legally use.

We may offer you to purchase domain names using our service, either by our own services or by a third party service. In such a case, your purchase of domain names will be in accordance with the applicable laws and policies, and shall not infringe on any third party’s rights or applicable state laws. We reserve the right to disconnect any domain from your subscription at any time, without notice, if we determine that the domain is being used in violation of these terms or for any other reason at our sole discretion. The number of domains that can be connected to your subscription is limited to the number specified in your chosen plan. Attempting to connect additional domains beyond this limit may require you to agree to additional charges.


Please add a Privacy Policy to your website; tell your users about our analytics services.

Our use of your data is subject to Data Processing Agreement and we may use third party sub-processors according to our published list, as updated from time to time.

It is your own responsibility to present your users and website visitors with the required information to ensure their data rights, including privacy and cookie notices.

Please add to any statement the fact that you use our services, and that we use both our own and third party analytics services, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. Please ensure that your website visitors acknowledge our use, and that you understand that we may use the visitor data in accordance with our privacy policy. Please ensure your visitors are aware of the location and processing methods and are given a full and complete list of subprocesses.

“Notes” Feature

Do not insert or upload any personal, confidential or important information into a note, when using the Notes feature. Site Admins have full access to view all notes on the site and their content, and provide access to Notes to any other site user. Therefore, We cannot guarantee privacy on notes’ content.

In order to use Notes, non-admins users must receive an invitation from an admin of your site. As we indulge you to use the Notes for its many advantages, please keep in mind that site admins have a full and exclusive control over notes created by using the Notes feature and therefore every action should be accordingly. We recommend not to insert or upload any kind of personal, confidential or important information into a note, when using the Notes feature. In addition, all notes’ information is stored on your site’s database and together with the admin’s control it gives you all the reasons to keep your personal and important information in more private and secure ways.

Non-admin users, who are granted personal permission by an admin to use the Notes feature, will have viewing access to all notes on the site (placed on posts they are allowed to view) and full control over notes created by them, as well as the ability to view the site’s full users list (as part of the Notes feature’s integral capability to mention other users in a note).


We may suspend you for breaking the rules, and we may stop the service at any time.

We may suspend the operation of this service at any time, and with or without prior notice.

We may also suspend or terminate your account if you are in violation of our Terms of Service, including any part thereof. Please note that non-payment may also result in your website suspension, and that in such case, you may lose access to all your content.

We may provide a grace period following a breach of these terms or a non-payment; this period shall be at our sole discretion.

Following termination of the Cloud Services, we may provide you with an option to download some contents and components of your Content, provided that we’re not prohibited under law from doing so. Following that grace period, we may promptly remove all your data. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not transfer your website or server content to another provider.


We provide a 30-day “no questions asked” refund for new Pro and Hosting subscriptions. Note that for monthly subscriptions, each month is considered a renewal, and as such, refunds are not applicable for upgrades, renewals, or other subscription changes.

Such refund shall be available for a period of thirty (30) days from the end of the business day the purchase was made (and if such day is not a business day, then the following business day).

We may refuse to refund people who acted in bad faith or misused the Services, or otherwise violated any of the policies stated in the Terms of Service.

Evaluation Period

We may offer trial periods that offer limited usage and functionality, for a limited period of time, and for evaluation purposes. In such a case, following the evaluation period, we may terminate, suspend or limit your account.

Premium Site Services

Last Updated: May, 2024

By using Elementor Premium Services (the “Premium Services”), you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you do not understand and/or agree to these terms, you should immediately cease making any use of the Premium Services.

Submission of Content

When using the Premium Services, you retain full ownership over your website content but grant us and our service providers and agents the right to process, modify, and store your content as necessary to provide the Premium Services to you.

Premium Services Usage

You are granted access to the Premium Services according to the specific terms for each Premium Service as defined on “My Elementor” page on our platform and to these Terms and Conditions. Upon payment, access to claim the Premium Services is granted. We reserve the right to change the terms for the Premium Services’ plans at our discretion outlined on “My Elementor” page. The Premium Service is a one-time nonrenewed service. Once the Premium Service has ended, you will need to re-purchase it, to get this Premium Service again.

Premium Services Requirements

The Premium Services are for Elementor paying customers only and apply only to websites built with Elementor. The use of the Premium Services shall be at your own risk and you are obliged to create a backup file of your website before getting the Premium Services from us. We will not be held liable for any loss or modification of data. Revision rounds and end of Premium Services terms shall be as specified on “My Elementor” page on our platform, for each Premium Service separately.

Payment and Billing

Payments made are non-refundable, once the Premium Services started.

To subscribe and make payments, you must provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date billing information. This may include details such as name, billing address, and payment methods. You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your billing information and must promptly update any changes to avoid disruptions to the subscription service. Inaccurate or outdated billing information may result in payment issues and potential suspension of access to the Premium Services.


Each Premium Service has a different term, timeline, and termination, as specified on “My Elementor” page.


We may terminate your access to the Premium Services at our sole discretion if you violate these terms, with or without notice. Upon termination, you shall immediately cease getting the Premium Services. Any section that includes a representation or warranty shall continue to apply, including any covenant or obligation on your behalf to pay fees.


We shall not be liable for any damage caused to you or any third party as a result of terminating these Terms or by suspending or otherwise limiting your use of the Premium Services.

Data Integrity

You acknowledge that occasional discrepancies or errors may occur due to technical limitations or unforeseen circumstances. Elementor shall not be liable for any loss, corruption, or unauthorized access to the data, including but not limited to data breaches, software bugs, or technical failures. You are solely responsible for creating a backup file of your website to verify the integrity of your data according to our Submission Policy and implementing appropriate security measures.

Notification of Violations

If we become aware of any violations of these terms related to your content, we may notify you and request corrective action. Failure to address such violations may result in the termination of your access to the Premium Services or to your Subscription.

Data Retention and Deletion 

We will NOT retain any backup data or final website files. Upon completion of the Premium Services, we will delete all data from our systems within a reasonable timeframe, subject to any legal or regulatory requirements regarding data retention.

Limitation of Liability

We commit to ensuring the optimal functioning of the Premium Services through diligent efforts.

We pledge to exercise due care and diligence, adhering to industry practices and the current state of technology, to deliver a high-quality Site Service.


We will NOT be liable for any direct or consequential damages, including financial losses such as loss of profits unless such damages arise solely from our negligence or willful misconduct. Under any circumstances, our liability is capped at the payment of damages, not exceeding the total amount paid by you when placing the order for the Site Service.

Your Responsibility

You are solely responsible for the backup of your data. By using the Premium Services, you affirm that you have the legal right to use, upload, and backup your content. This includes ensuring that the content does not infringe on any copyrights, or trademarks of any third party, violate any laws or regulations, or contain harmful elements such as viruses, malware, destructive content, etc.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding these terms or the Premium Services, you can contact us at elementor.com/contact/.

Cookie Policy

Last Updated: February 2022
Elementor Ltd. (“Elementor”, “we”, “our” or “us”) uses certain monitoring and tracking technologies, such as cookies, beacons, pixels, tags, and scripts (collectively, “Cookies”). These technologies are used in order to provide, maintain, and improve our website (the “Services”), to optimize our offerings and marketing activities, and to provide our visitors and users (“you”, or “your”) with a better experience (for example, in order to track your preferences, to better secure our Services, to identify technical issues, and to monitor and improve the overall performance of our Services). This page contains information on what Cookies are, the Cookies used on our Services, how to reject Cookies, and some useful links for further reading on the subject. If you are unable to find the information you were looking for, or you have any further questions about the use of Cookies on our Services, please email [email protected]. For more information about our general privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored through the browser on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They allow the site to store information like login information or language preference. You can think of Cookies as providing a so-called memory for the website, so that it can recognize you when you come back and respond appropriately. You are not obligated to accept all Cookies in order to visit our website, however, enabling Cookies may allow for a more personalized browsing experience and is required for most of our Services to work.

2. How do we use Cookies?

Elementor uses several different types of Cookies on our website: Essential Cookies: These Cookies are necessary for the Services to function properly and cannot be disabled. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you, enabling functions like navigation, or setting preferences. These Cookies do not store information about you that will be used for other purposes. Preferences & Functional Cookies: These Cookies enable the Services to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. They may be set by us (first-party Cookies) or by third-party providers who work with us (third-party Cookies). Performance & Analytics Cookies: These Cookies are for internal use only. They help us to secure and maintain our Services, and to remember your preferences for tools found on the Services. They are also used for gathering analytics data on how you interact with our Services and the improvement performance of the site accordingly. If you do not allow these Cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site. Targeting & Advertising Cookies: These Cookies make advertisements more relevant to you. Our advertising partners may use it to show you relevant ads on different websites by uniquely identifying your browser and internet device.

3. How long do Cookies last?

The length of time a Cookie stays on your device varies according to its purpose. A Cookie that remains on your device after your session is concluded (until it expires or deleted) is called a “Persistent Cookie”. Persistent Cookies are used for different purposes, such as tracking your preferences, login information, your interaction with our Services and the effectiveness of our targeting Cookies. A Cookie that is automatically deleted once your session is concluded is called a “Session Cookie”. Session Cookies are used for the duration of your stay on our site and are automatically deleted when you exit the browser.

4. Which Cookies do we use?

Cookie Source Purpose Description
Elementor Essential  Elementor
Stripe Essential Payment processing
PayPal Essential Payment processing
Google Analytics Performance & Analytics Insights into our marketing effort
Google Ads Targeting & Advertising Insights into our marketing effort
Google Optimize Performance & Analytics Insights into our marketing effort
Hotjar Performance & Analytics Insights into our marketing effort
Facebook Targeting & Advertising Marketing attribution
LinkedIn Targeting & Advertising Marketing attribution
Bing Targeting & Advertising Marketing attribution
Capterra Performance User experience
Kustomer Chat Functional Communication
CellXpert Functional Marketing attribution
Intango Targeting Marketing attribution
Braze Functional & Marketing Managing customer relationships
Wingify Software Private Limited Performance& Analytics Insights into our marketing effort

5. How can you reject or remove Cookies?

You have a choice regarding the use of Cookies as described in this policy. Please note that rejecting or removing certain Cookies may result in inadequate Services. You can adjust your web browser settings, usually located in the ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu of your browser. In order to delete stored Cookies or to change these settings, the following links may be helpful: If you are primarily concerned about third-party Cookies generated by advertisers, and you live in the US, Canada, Europe or the UK, you can also opt out from the collection of your data by our advertising partners who participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance. Opt-out by visiting: In addition, on your mobile device, you can change your device settings to control whether you see online interest-based ads. Please note that when you get a new computer, install a new browser, erase or otherwise alter your browser’s cookie file (including upgrading certain browsers), you may also clear the opt-out Cookies installed once you opt-out, so an additional opt-out will be necessary to prevent additional tracking. In order to select your own cookie preferences, please click the Cookie Preferences.

6. Useful links

For more information regarding Cookies, you may find the following websites useful:

7. How we treat Do Not Track (DNT) signals

Various browsers allow a “do not track” (DNT) setting that relies on a technology known as a DNT header, which sends a signal to websites visited by the individual about the individual’s browser DNT setting. At this time, there is no general agreement on how companies like Elementor should interpret Do Not Track signals. Therefore, Elementor does not currently commit to respond to DNT signals, whether that signal is received on a computer or on a mobile device. Elementor does, however, provide meaningful choices to you about the information that is collected through cookies and web beacons through the various opt-out options set forth above. We will continue to monitor developments around DNT browser technology and the implementation of a standard.


Last Updated: February 2023

All Fees are exclusive of all taxes, including value-added tax, sales tax, goods and services tax, etc., levies or duties imposed by taxing authorities, as applicable (“Taxes”) which shall be borne solely by you. If we are obligated to collect or pay Taxes for the Fees payable by you, such Taxes may be added to the payment of any outstanding Fees and will be reflected in the invoice for such transaction. We recommend that you verify the existence of any additional fees you may be charged by third parties in connection with the purchase of the Services or in connection with the renewal thereof (such as international transaction fees, currency exchange fees, or fees due to banks or credit card companies). We are not responsible for any such additional fees or costs.

Software Components

Elementor’s products listed below makes use of the following open-source software, which copyrights are as detailed in the copyright notices listed below and which are released under the following conditions (licenses):

Product – Elementor Core and Pro

Notices for open-source software licensed under 3 clause BSD license:

jQuery Easing Plugin – v1.3.2

Copyright © 2008 George McGinley Smith


See the following clickable BSD 3-Clause license for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license.

Notices for open-source software licensed under the MIT License:

Animate CSS – Based on v3.5.2

Copyright (c) 2020 Daniel Eden



Backbone.Radio – v1.0.4

Copyright (c) 2010-2022 Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud




Copyright (c) 2015 Lokesh Dhakar



Dialog Manager – v4.7.1

Copyright (c) 2016 Kobi Zaltzberg



Flatpickr – v4.1.4

Copyright (c) 2017 Gregory Petrosyan




Copyright (c) 2011-2022 David DeSandro and contributors




Copyright (C) 2019-2020 Alexandre Dieulot



jQuery Hoverintent

Copyright (c) Tristen Brown



jQuery Numerator – v0.2.1

Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Masanori Ohgita (http://ohgita.info/)



jQuery simple-datetimepicker

Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Masanori Ohgita (http://ohgita.info/)



MarionetteJS – v2.4.5

Copyright (c) marionettejs.com



noUISlider – v13.0.0

Copyright (c) 2019 Léon Gersen




Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Rico Sta. Cruz




Copyright (C) 2013 https://github.com/sofish/pen



Perfect Scrollbar

Copyright (c) 2016 Hyunje Alex Jun




Copyright (c) 2018 – 2021 Simon Reinisch




Copyright (c) 2012-2017 Kevin Brown, Igor Vaynberg, and Select2 contributors




Copyright (c) 2019 Vladimir Kharlampidi




Copyright (c) 2008 Jason Frame ([email protected])





Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Caleb Troughton




Copyright 2015 Anatolii Saienko


Copyright 2012 Paul Bakaus





Copyrights@ Niklas von Hertzen. All Rights Reserved




Copyright (c) 2015 Bodymovin




Copyright (c) 2022 Fonticons, Inc.

# Code: MIT License (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)

# Icons: CC BY 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

# Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1 License (https://scripts.sil.org/OFL)


Font-Awesome/LICENSE.txt at 6.x · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub



SmartMenus – v1.0.1

Copyright (c) Vasil Dinkov, Vadikom Web Ltd.


See the following clickable MIT license for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license.

Notices for open-source software licensed under CC-BY-4.0:


Copyright (c) 2022 Fonticons, Inc.

# Icons: CC BY 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

# Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1 License (https://scripts.sil.org/OFL)

# Code: MIT License (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)


Font-Awesome/LICENSE.txt at 6.x · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub


See the following clickable CC-BY-4.0 license for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license.


Notices for open-source software licensed under SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE (OFL-1.1)


Font-Awesome – v4.7.0

Copyright (c) 2022 Fonticons, Inc.

# Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1 License (https://scripts.sil.org/OFL)

# Icons: CC BY 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

# Code: MIT License (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)


Font-Awesome/LICENSE.txt at 6.x · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub



See the following clickable SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE (OFL-1.1) license for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license.

Notices for open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0:

bfi_thumb – v1.3

Copyright (c) 2013 Benjamin F. Intal / Gambit


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the following clickable GNU General Public License 3.0 for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license and for more details.

Notices for open source software licensed under the Hippocratic License Version Number: 2.1.:

Animate CSS – Based on v3.5.2

Copyright (c) 2021 Daniel Eden


The software may have been modified

See the following clickable Hippocratic License Version Number: 2.1 for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the license.


Hover CSS – v2.0.2

Copyright 2017 Ian Lunn Design Limited


DSA Regulation Compliance

Last updated: February 18, 2024

Elementor’s Commitment to a Safer Online Environment in Accordance with the DSA

The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to foster a secure digital space where user rights are safeguarded, values that resonate deeply with Elementor. We are steadfast in our dedication to providing a secure and inclusive platform for our users.

Our Content Guidelines: Ensuring Safety, Equality, and Compliance

Elementor’s content principles are grounded in three key pillars:

  1. Encouraging Creativity: Elementor empowers individuals to freely express themselves and share varied content online through their websites.
  2. Prioritizing Safety: The safety and well-being of our users and their communities are paramount to us.
  3. Upholding Equality: We are committed to treating all users fairly and equally under our policies.

Content Moderation Measures

Aligned with the DSA’s Regulatory Framework, Elementor employs proactive measures to identify and address illegal content on our platform. We leverage automated tools and human review to maintain our content standards, including:

  • Identifying Illegal Activities: Our systems diligently take action against activities such as Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), phishing, fraud, terrorist financing, and the dissemination of fake news.
  •  “Report button”: Users of the platform and other individuals may report their concerns to us. As a company, we take each report seriously and shall address each one individually by conducting a compliance check and decide whether the content is DSA-compliant or not. We reserve the right to remove content which is one of the following but not limited to offensive, provoking or enabling criminal and/or terrorist activity.

Reactive Content Moderation Measures

In addition to proactive measures, Elementor implements reactive steps to address reported violations, such as:

  • Accessible Reporting Channels: We provide easily accessible channels for users and law enforcement agencies to report potentially illegal or policy-violating content by contacting us at [email protected]
  • Ongoing Moderator Training: Our moderators receive continuous training to effectively moderate content in accordance with our policies.

GDPR Compliance

Elementor is fully committed to adhering to the new DSA regulations with our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and prioritizing user privacy and data rights. We will continue to maintain strict data handling practices to ensure the secure and transparent collection, storage, and processing of user data in every DSA complaint we receive.

Hosting Services

As a company, we offer two types of usage of our platform: hosting services and open-source code. It is important to emphasize that we are not affiliated with or responsible for and have no ability to get to content created and utilized by users of the open-source code. However, if you encounter troubling information created by an open-source code user and report it to us via the report button, we will take the necessary steps to report it to the relevant law enforcement agencies. As to our hosting services, and following a complaint received via our report button, we may decide to remove certain websites or content based on our risk analysis, regulatory requirements like the DSA, and our own discretion. We’ll provide reasons for any removals, limitations, or blocks. .  

AML within the DSA

Elementor is firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations as part of our DSA Policy. We understand the critical importance of implementing robust AML procedures to prevent our platform from being exploited for illicit financial activities.

As such, we undertake the responsibility to ensure that comprehensive AML proceedings and best practices are firmly in place. Our objective is to conduct customer identification processes with the utmost diligence and precision, adhering strictly to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Our approach to AML compliance entails the following key principles:

Rigorous Customer Due Diligence (CDD) in case of an activated “report” button:
We will conduct thorough CDD measures to verify the identities of our customers, ensuring that we have a clear understanding of their backgrounds, activities, and potential risk profiles to the extent we are able to do so as a private company.

Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting:
We will implement enhanced monitoring systems to detect and flag any transactions or activities that appear suspicious or indicative of money laundering or terrorist financing. Our dedicated compliance team will closely monitor transactional patterns, account behaviors, and other relevant indicators to promptly identify and investigate any potential red flags.

Ongoing Training and Education:
We are committed to providing comprehensive training and education to our staff members, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and respond effectively to AML-related risks and obligations. This includes regular training sessions, updates on regulatory developments, and access to resources and guidance materials.

Collaboration with Authorities:
As required by law, we will maintain open channels of communication and collaboration with relevant authorities, including law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies, to share information and report suspicious activities, and contribute to broader efforts to combat financial crime. We understand the importance of working together with external stakeholders to uphold the integrity of our platform and the financial system as a whole.

By adhering to these principles and implementing robust AML procedures, we are dedicated to ensuring the integrity and security of our platform, safeguarding against the misuse of our services for illicit financial purposes, and upholding our commitment to regulatory compliance under the DSA.

Contact Us

If you encounter any content on our platform that you believe violates our policies, laws, DSA or GDPR regulations, please report it promptly.

Individuals and Law Enforcement Agencies:
Report potential violations through our designated report page here