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Premium WooCommerce Theme
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Pre-Installed ThemeHelloStorefrontNoWonderAstraNo
Website Builder for WooCommerceYesNoNoNoNoNo
WooCommerce Pre-InstalledYesYesNoYesYesNo
Free WooCommerce Migration
by Experts
Starts from / per Month / 1 Year$4.99$2.99$4.99$6.99$11$12

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Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+

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Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Number of WebsitesThe number of unique WordPress websites you can build and host in the same subscription. Hosting is powered by Google Cloud where WordPress and Elementor Pro Website Builder are pre-installed for easy, one click setup.111
Monthly VisitsThe estimated monthly visitor traffic your website can easily handle.50K75KUnlimited
Monthly BandwidthThe approximate amount of data you can transfer per month with this plan. Bandwidth usage is the total amount of data downloaded by all users visiting the website during the month.50GB100GB150GB
Automatic Daily BackupAutomated daily website backups ensure that your website will be backed up consistently and allow you to restore in case of need. Days of backups stored vary from one plan to another.7 Days14 Days30 Days
WooCommerce-Ready PagesWooCommerce is pre-installed in all plans. Theme with designed page templates and Elementor Pro's advanced WooCommerce capabilities are available in Sell Pro and Sell Pro+ plans.BasicDesignedAdvanced
Pre-installed WordPress & WooCommerceWe pre-install both WordPress and WooCommerce behind the scenes so you can start working immediately.YesYesYes
WooCommerce Theme (Save $99/yr)The industry-leading Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme adds functionality and conversion-improving features to your storeNoYesYes
Website BuilderElementor Core  (Free)Essential Plan  (Save 
Advanced Plan  (Save 
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Unlimited Product PagesThe number of products you can list at any given time on your store.YesYesYes
Unlimited Landing PagesCreate an unlimited number of landing pages for your shop.YesYesYes
Product Reviews ComponentAn element that lets users submit product reviews and ratings.YesYesYes
Bulk EditingEdit variables for multiple products at the same timeYesYesYes
Virtual/ Downloadable Product SupportSupport for virtual and downloadable products, delivered via email.YesYesYes
Variable Product SupportSupport for products with multiple variations, such as different colors.YesYesYes
External/Affiliate Product SupportSupport for products fulfilled by other stores.YesYesYes
Grouped Product SupportSupport for products which consist of multiple SKUs grouped together.YesYesYes
Multiple product gallery layoutsThe way your products are presented. Can be a grid, a scroll, and several other gallery types.NoYesYes
Product BadgesCustom badges that appear in the product gallery and on the product listing.NoYesYes
Mega MenuBuild sophisticated menu design with images, text, icons, sub-menus and more.NoYesYes
Ajax & Auto-complete searchIntegrate search functionality in your store.NoYesYes
Improved search with instant resultsSupercharge your search with instant results that start appearing during the search query.NoYesYes
Form & Popup BuilderBuild & design WordPress forms and popups for your website.NoForm BuilderForm & Popup Builder
Loop BuilderBuild design templates that consistently display dynamic content in grids and carousels.NoYesYes
Taxonomy QueryDisplay categories or tags in grids and carousels.NoYesYes
Showcase Related ProductsRelate products to each other and showcase related products on product pages.NoNoYes
Product RatingsLet users rate products and display ratings on product pages.NoNoYes
Product BreadcrumbsHelp visitors understand their location inside the product catalog hierarchy.NoNoYes
Display ConditionsDisplay elements based on external conditions such day of the week.NoNoYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Simplified Coupon SystemCreate and manage coupons for your store.YesYesYes
Shipping CalculationsAutomatically calculate the shipping for a user's cart.YesYesYes
One-click refundsEasily approve refund requests.YesYesYes
Wishlist functionalityLet your users get to the purchase point quicker and more often with wishlists.NoYesYes
Waitlist functionalityCollect emails for out of stock products and notify when they return to stock.NoYesYes
Countdown TimersCreate a sense of urgency with countdowns.NoYesYes
In-Stock VisibilityIncrease purchases by showing to users what items are in stock.NoYesYes
Social proof popupConvey social proof to users while they're shopping.NoYesYes
Sticky Add to CartLet users add an item to cart throughout their page scroll.NoYesYes
Free Shipping NotificationIncrease conversions with free shipping notifications.NoYesYes
Mini CartDisplay a mini cart that shows your cart's contents from within a product page.NoYesYes
Distraction-Free CheckoutCustom checkout experience designed to lower distractions and increase successful purchases.NoYesYes
Order BumpFeature a product next to the "Place Order" button with an easy add to cart option.NoYesYes
Offer BarPresent discount codes to users with an easily-noticeable offer bar.NoYesYes
Promotion Header StripCreate promotion headers that appear above the site's layouts and can include things like free shipping notice and currency selector.NoYesYes
Callback RequestsCreate sales qualified leads with a call back request button on product pages.NoYesYes
Animated Stock CounterCount down of the available stock to purchase.NoYesYes
Attribute SwatchesShow users the product variations as images on the product page.NoYesYes
Size GuidesCreate size guides for clothing items.NoYesYes
Quantity increase/decrease buttonsLet users increase and decrease the quantity of an item they're adding to cart.NoYesYes
Custom CheckoutFully customize your checkout page using Elementor's visual interface.NoNoYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Inventory ManagementEasily manage your inventory through the store's backendYesYesYes
Multiple Currencies SupportPresent item prices in the currency of user's choice.YesYesYes
Stripe & PayPal SupportProcess payments through Stripe and Paypal.YesYesYes
Custom Tax CalculationsPresent prices with applicable taxes.YesYesYes
Multiple Shipping Methods SupportLet shoppers choose between different shipping methods.YesYesYes
Order system managementManage your orders at ease from one place.YesYesYes
Customer AccountsLet users create personal accounts.YesYesYes
ReportingCreate store reports.YesYesYes
Webhook systemSend event notifications to the URL of your choice.YesYesYes
iOS & AndroidManage your store with a mobile app.YesYesYes
Woocommerce NoticesCustomize the settings and styling for error, info, and message notices.NoNoYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Auto Scaling InfrastructureElementor Hosting's infrastructure scales automatically when your visitor traffic increases, to avoid bottlenecks during peak traffic times.YesYesYes
Premium SSL (Save $48/yr)An SSL Certificate is included to protect your website, sensitive customer data and online transactions.YesYesYes
Enterprise Cloudflare CDN (Save $108/yr)CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensures your website loads fast, no matter where your visitors are located around the globe.YesYesYes
DDoS & BotNet ProtectionProtection from malicious attempts to overload the site's traffic pipeline with Direct Denial of Service and Botnet attacks.YesYesYes
Unlimited PHP WorkersThe number of PHP requests your site can handle concurrently at any given time.YesYesYes
WAF (Web Application Firewall)Protection from malicious traffic attempts.YesYesYes
Activity logLogging of all site activity, visits and eventsYesYesYes
Page CachingDecrease load speed by caching the page on Cloudflare's CDNYesYesYes
99.9% Uptime GuaranteeElementor Hosting provides a guarantee that your site will be up 99.9% of the timeYesYesYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Hosting Control PanelControl your website from within Elementor.YesYesYes
Team Collaboration SupportShare collaborative access to your website and the Elementor editor directly from Elementor Hosting.YesYesYes
1-click WordPress loginLog into your WordPress instance with one click!YesYesYes
WordPress Auto UpdatesGet a worry-free WordPress experience with auto updates.YesYesYes
Google Analytics IntegrationGoogle SiteKit is pre-installed on all our sites.YesYesYes
SFTP AccessEasily upload and download files, manage directories, and perform a wide range of file management tasks using a variety of FTP clients.YesYesYes
DB Access (phpMyAdmin)Access your databases using phpMyAdmin to create, edit, and delete tables, you can import and export tables, run queries and much more.YesYesYes
Staging EnvironmentA place to safely test new features and make changes without disrupting the live version of your website. Each website gets its own staging environment.NoYesYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Free MigrationMigrate your existing website for free using a combination of automated tools and expert assistance.YesYesYes
30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeNot satisfied? Get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.YesYesYes
Features List Sell Core Sell Pro Sell Pro+
Image Optimizer 5KElementor’s popular image optimization plugin allowing you to improve speed and SEO by compressing images and resizing larger ones. Do it manually, automatically or as a bulk action. Supports JPEG, PNG, WebP, and GIF formats.NoNoYes


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