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Limit access to elements

Last Update: January 28, 2024

Element Manager allows you to reduce the number of elements that appear in the Elementor Editor. For more details, see Element Manager

In some cases, you may want to limit which users have access to certain elements.   For instance, you may not want to give a user who can write posts permission to add videos. 

These permissions are granted or limited according to the user’s role. For more details on roles, see Add a user.

Limit access to elements with the Element Manager

  1. Open the Element Manager. For more details, see Element Manager
    image 13 Limit access to elements 1
    A table with a list of all the elements in your site appears. The last column shows the permissions for the element.
    image 14 Limit access to elements 3
  2. Find the element whose permissions you want to limit, and click Edit.
    By default, all users can access all elements on the post or page.
    image 15 Limit access to elements 5
  3. Clear the checkboxes to prevent these elements from appearing in the Editor for users with these roles.

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