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Set up custom email accounts

Last Update: January 14, 2024


Email is a critical part of running your website and having an email linked to your custom domain makes your business look more professional and will help keep important communications out of spam filters. To simplify the process of setting up your own email account, Elementor has four recommended email providers – Titan, Google, Microsoft, and Zoho. 

Setting up your email account

Note: In order to set up an email account, you must have purchased and connected your Elementor hosted website with a custom domain name.

  1. Go to your My Elementor dashboard.
  2. Click on the Brand & Business tab.
    Click the Brand Business tab 1 Set up custom email accounts 1
  3. Select Business Email.
    Click the email Set up custom email accounts 3
  4. Select the email provider you’d like to work with.
    Select your email provider without Titan Set up custom email accounts 5

Once you’ve chosen an email provider, you’ll work within their setup system.

Note: Elementor cannot provide support for issues you may encounter setting up your email with an individual provider. You’ll need to contact that provider’s support team.

Next steps

Learn more about how to customize the emails sent by your forms to avoid them being labeled as spam. 

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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