How To Make Clickable Phone Links or Mailto Links in Elementor Widgets

Use Smart Links

With Elementor Pro’s Dynamic Contact URL feature, quickly create “smart” links, such as clickable phone links or mailto links from any widget that has a Link field, like the Button widget. Many other smart links can be created with this feature as well, including SMS message links, Whatsapp conversation links, Skype call links, Viber call links, Waze navigation links, Facebook Messenger links, and calendar event links. Click to learn how easy it is to use these smart links.

To manually create clickable phone links and mailto links instead of using Smart Links, follow the instructions below:

Clickable Phone Links

To Create a Clickable Phone Link That Opens a Dial Dialog on Smartphones and Mobile Devices:

Enter tel: followed by the complete phone number, without dashes or any other symbols, like this:


Clickable Phone Links

Mailto Links

Simply enter the appropriate mailto: code into the Link field of any linkable widget.

To Create a Basic Mailto Link, with the TO: field filled out:

Type mailto: followed by the email address to send the email to, as shown in the example below:

mailto:[email protected]

Mailto Links

To Create a Mailto Link, with the TO: field and the SUBJECT: field filled out:

Add subject= followed by the text of the email’s subject

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Thank You For Getting In Touch


mailto:[email protected]?subject=Thank%20You%20For%20Getting%20In%20Touch

Note: Spaces between the words of the Subject will probably be okay, but in some cases, it may not work well. The safest way to handle that is to replace the spaces with %20.

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