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Elementor Pro – FAQ

Last Update: February 11, 2024

I only need to build one website. Which plan should I get?

Elementor Pro empowers you to build complete WordPress websites.

The Essential plan includes all the capabilities required to build a basic website. You will get access to 50 Pro widgets, the Theme Builder to edit the header, footer, and other theme parts. This plan also includes basic marketing tools using the Form Builder, so you can stay connected with your website visitors.

The Advanced plan includes 82 Pro widgets, and enables you to create ecommerce and professional websites. In addition to all the features available in the Essential plan, it also includes advanced marketing features like form integrations to integrate with your marketing software, the popup builder, ACF / CPT support for greater dynamic content support. This plan also includes ecommerce features with the full WooCommerce Builder, and integrations to PayPal and Stripe.

What is the difference between the plans of Elementor Plugin and Elementor Hosting?

Elementor Hosting plans provide an end-to-end solution that includes all the features and benefits of Elementor Pro Website Builder plugin, along with managed hosting and WordPress installation, resulting in a seamless creation experience at a great value price. When building and hosting your website with Elementor Hosting you get a hassle-free experience that saves you time to spend building a beautiful website and managing all these services under one roof.

On the other hand, Elementor plugin plans allow you to utilize all the amazing features offered by Elementor Pro. To use it, you will first need to purchase a hosting service with a WordPress installation and then download and install the Elementor plugin.

The Elementor Pro Website Builder Plugin includes 4 plans: Essential for building basic websites with Elementor Pro, or the Advanced, Expert, and Agency, that include all of Elementor Pro’s features to build professional and ecommerce websites, and also enable you to use the license on 3, 25, and 1,000 websites respectively.

How can I change between the different Pro plans?

You can switch your Free or Pro plan at any time from within your Elementor account. In your Elementor account, click “Upgrade Now,” select the plan you’d like to switch to, and immediately get access to the new features. Your Elementor account can grow with you, as there’s always a plan to fit your needs.

Can I transfer the Elementor Pro license key from one domain to another?

Yes. You can transfer the Pro license key by deactivating Elementor from your previous domain and activate it on the new one. For more details, see Transfer your license between websites. Switching it over is easy with no hassle or hidden fees.

Can I migrate my Elementor plugin based website to the Elementor hosting?

Of course. You can follow the following step-by-step migration guide to migrate your website, or contact our support to help you migrate your website to Elementor Hosting in no time, for free. During this migration process, your entire website will be transferred to a new Hosting subscription which is required before migration. It’s always recommended to backup and save a copy of your website for safety.

You can also use Elementor’s Import/ Export tool to export your existing website as a kit and import it to an Elementor hosted website. Please note that the tool has some limitations, which means you may be required to do additional work once the import process is complete.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Do you offer a free trial?

There is no trial period but there is a 30-day money back guarantee with no strings attached.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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