How many versions of a post does Elementor store?

Saving older versions of your posts

When you edit a post on your site, WordPress saves a copy of the old post in case you’d like to restore it. While this provides users with flexibility, storing large numbers of older versions can tax the database, slowing your site down. For instance, a site with 20 versions of 100 posts needs to store 2000 posts in its database. For this reason, Elementor hosted websites only store the last 25 revisions to posts. 

Learn more about post revisions and how to restore them.

Note: The term “post” refers to posts, pages and custom post types.

Am I limited to only 25 edits?

No, not at all. You can revise your posts as much as you’d like. The only limitation is that only the last 25 versions of your post will be available for you to restore. 

Example: Alex’s business is growing and changing all the time, so she has to edit the About Us page every week. After she edits it on week 26, the version from week 1 will be deleted from the database.

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