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AIOSEO integration with Elementor

Last Update: June 2, 2024

AIOSEO ensures your pages produce high SEO scores while integrating with Elementor. This allows you to produce beautiful and highly visible websites.

Install the AIOSEO plugin

First you will need to install the AIOSEO plugin. 

 Access AIOSEO analytics from the Elementor Editor

To access AIOSEO analytics:

  1. From the top bar, click the page settings icon AD 4nXeP36ekKJHknFGOXaQA8kB14AipV6kFCyfN7wjS6FbinLJJsIk BnpejqW5QMavFXTpmCLpWFwSsoN1a6IbQAwGBvpxG7qOmg5JYpLQv78aHxTctXxi5P G RFFaK2wZzkd9ym47umC 6Zk4OhITdFWIj8?key=J3oIcIC7gpSqWF i8fe qg AIOSEO integration with Elementor 1
    image AIOSEO integration with Elementor 3
    This opens the page settings.
    image 1 AIOSEO integration with Elementor 5
    A tab for AIOSEO analytics appears in the page settings.
  2. In the panel, click the AIOSEO tab to access the analytics.
    image 2 AIOSEO integration with Elementor 7
If you are not using the Editor top bar, access AIOSEO by clicking the hamburger menu at the top left of the panel or the page settings gear icon at the lower left of the panel.

AIOSEO analytics

The AIOSEO tab contains a number of tabs offering you SEO analysis and advice. Below is a quick overview of what these analytics offer you. For more comprehensive details, consult the AIOSEO website (external link).

Some features contain a question mark and/or lock icon. Click question marks for more information. Lock icons indicate these features are for paid AIOSEO users only.
Focus keyphraseFocus keyphrase is the main keyword or phrase that you want to rank well in search engines. For instance, a jewelry store may want the word earrings to rank well. Enter one phrase here to have it analyzed in the SEO analysis lab. SEM rush is a digital marketing platform that can help you find synonyms for keyphrases. If you have a SEMRush account, you can look for possible synonyms by clicking Get related keyphrases. You will need to login to your SEMRush account to look for these synonyms. 
SEO analysisUses your selected Focus keyphrase to make suggestions about improving page content. You can use these suggestions to make changes right in the Elementor Editor. The analysis is done in real-time, and the changes are reflected in the sidebar. 
Premium SEO analysisA more powerful SEO analysis tool available to AIOSEO paid subscribers. 
Readability analysisThe Readability analysis option uses an algorithm to judge the readability of the page or post content. It highlights problem areas and gives you actionable suggestions to fix your content.
Add related keyphraseLets you focus on more than one keyphrase. Available to paid AIOSEO subscribers.
Internal linking suggestionsRecommends page content that can be linked to other parts of your site. This can help boost SEO. Available to paid AIOSEO subscribers.
Track SEO performance Wincher is a web-based SEO tool that allows users to track their website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords and gain insights into their online visibility. Use this tab to have Wincher analyze the page SEO ranking. Must have a Wincher account to use.
Search appearanceLets you customize how your page preview will appear when displayed by search engines such as Google and Bing. This includes the page title and description.
Social media appearanceLets you customize the content that will be displayed when the page is shared on social media such as Facebook, X, Instagram and more. You can manage the preview image, as well as the title and description. Available to paid AIOSEO subscribers.
SchemaSelect a page type to help search engines better understand and rank the page.
AdvancedGeared for more users with more technical experience, these options include:Allow search engines to display page contentAllow robots to collect image dataChange the title of the page’s breadcrumbsSet the canonical URL
Cornerstone content Allows you to mark this page as one of the most important and extensive articles on your site. 
InsightsShows you which words occur most often in your text. By checking these prominent words against your intended keyword(s), you can better focus the page text. Available to paid AIOSEO subscribers.

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