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Use Dark Mode

Last Update: June 2, 2024

Elementor’s Dark Mode saves your laptops’ battery life (while helping the environment), eases eye strain, particularly at night, and provides contrast improvement in the editor panel for better accessibility.

darkmode Use Dark Mode 1

Select Dark Mode

  1. Open a page in the Elementor Editor.
    1 Click the logo Use Dark Mode 3
  2. On the upper left of the top bar, click the Elementor logo.
    2 Click User Preferences Use Dark Mode 5
  3. Click User Preferences.
    1 In the Display field clcik the icon Use Dark Mode 7
  4. In the Panel field, click an icon to select:
    • Autodetect Use Dark Mode 9 Auto Detect – Many browsers have user preferences that allow you to work in dark mode. Auto Detect uses these user preferences to determine if you’re working in light or dark mode.
    • Light mode Use Dark Mode 11Light – Work in light mode.
    • Dark Mode Use Dark Mode 13 Dark – Work in dark mode.

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