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Static support for Gravity Forms

Last Update: March 18, 2024

Typically, a static site can’t use Gravity Forms because it requires interaction with a database. However, Elementor Static Hosting websites has support for Gravity Forms built in. Below are the Gravity Forms features supported by Elementor Static Hosting websites.

Standard Fields

Single line text ✔️ Dropdown ✔️ Number ✔️ Radio Buttons ✔️ HTML ✔️ Page 𝙓 (not supported) Paragraph Text ✔️ Multi Select ✔️ Checkboxes ✔️ Hidden ✔️ Section ✔️

Advanced Fields

Name ✔️ Time ✔️ Address ✔️ Email ✔️ CAPTCHA (learn more) Consent ✔️ Date ✔️ Phone ✔️ Website ✔️ File Upload ✔️ (single file only, multi-file upload is not supported) List ✔️

Required Fields

You can make any field required!

Appearance settings:

Placeholder ✔️ Field Label Visibility ✔️ Description Placement ✔️ Custom validation message ✔️ Custom CSS Class ✔️ Field Size ✔️

Advanced settings:

Admin Field Label ✔️ Default Value ✔️ Enable Password Input ✔️ Visibility ✔️ Allow field to be populated dynamically (text fields only) ✔️ Conditional Logic ✔️

Conditional logic for confirmations and notifications

You can use conditional logic for notifications and confirmations to show or send different messages based on data selected in a form. Learn more about conditional logic for confirmations and notifications.


After a user fills out a form, you can display a thank you message or redirect to a page or URL.


Send an email notification upon submission.

Supported features:

  • Send to field ✔️
  • Reply to field ✔️
  • BCC field ✔️
  • Standard Merge tags (e.g. {admin_email}, {form_title}, {all_fields}) ✔️

All emails sent from Elementor Static Hosting’s server will be sent from [email protected], in order to send from your own custom domain, you need to configure your own SMTP server.

Form Settings

Supported features: Form title ✔️ Form description ✔️ Label placement ✔️ Description placement ✔️ Sub-label placement ✔️ CSS class name ✔️ Input Type ✔️ Button Text ✔️ Button conditional logic ✔️ Animated transitions ✔️   Form settings not supported by Static Hosting at this time: Save and Continue 𝙓 Limit number of entries 𝙓 Schedule form 𝙓 Require user to be logged in 𝙓 Anti-spam honeypot 𝙓
(not supported but general Anti-Spam support coming soon)

Other supported features

View Form Submissions

1. Navigate to Forms > Form Submissions.
2. From the drop down menu, select the one of your forms.

image 92 Static support for Gravity Forms 1

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