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Measuring your Elementor hosted website visitor traffic and interactions

Last Update: January 31, 2024


Like everyone, you want to see all your hard work paying off. This can be done by using Analytics or more simply put, visitor measuring tools. 

Using Analytics to measure your site traffic, sources, where visitors are entering, and leaving your website, and many more options can all be done from your analytics dashboard.

Important Note: Adding analytics to your website requires the use of cookies. You should check with your country or regional laws about proving consent and/or opting out of these cookies for your visitors.

Add tracking codes from search engines and FaceBook pixel

You may use the Elementor Custom code feature to easily add your Tracking codes. You may also use the display conditions to target certain pages for events.

Add Tracking Code Measuring your Elementor hosted website visitor traffic and interactions 1
  1. Navigate To Dashboard > Elementor Custom Code
  2. Create A New Custom Code, and name it Analytics (or as desired)
  3. Paste the code that you obtain from your search provider into the main content region of the Custom Code editor
  4. Select the location of the code to load at the header
  5. Set the display conditions to Entire Site, or a selected landing page if needed.

For more info click here.

To add Google Adsense to Elementor, use the HTML widget to enter the code provided to you by Google. 


You can now start measuring the traffic on your Elementor website.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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