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Storage and bandwidth limitations

Last Update: September 21, 2023

Whether you are setting up a stable business, online portfolio or eCommerce website an  Elementor hosted website provides a complete package. From secure GCP built-in hosting to website storage, bandwidth and custom domains, Elementor has you covered. 

Of course, when it comes to details such as storage and bandwidth limits, there can be confusion about what it all means at a practical level. So let’s take a closer look at what these things mean. 

This article will explain how website bandwidth and storage needs change with different types of websites and how website owners can effectively make use of Elementor website storage and bandwidth limits to store and host website data. 

Determining website storage and bandwidth needs 

Before we discuss how much website bandwidth and storage your website actually requires we have to understand what website bandwidth and storage are : 

In simple terms, website storage is the hard drive storage for your website. The only way it is different from your laptop/PC storage is that it is not installed in your computer but available as storage on hosting provider servers (in Elementor’s case this is cloud storage). 

Website bandwidth, on the other hand, refers to the total amount of data that can be sent back and forth from the website to the user. More available bandwidth means either more users can access your website simultaneously or the users visiting your site at any point  can access more data from your website.

Website bandwidth and storage are linked with each other as illustrated in this example: 

Suppose you own a blogging website that contains 100 blogs with a fair amount of images and videos. Per blog size is 5MB including all the images and content. Then the total minimum website storage that you require comes out to be 100*5MB = 500 MB.

When it comes to determining the website bandwidth for the 500 MB blogging website it is dependent on the number of visitors reading the blog. For example, if one 5MB blog is read by 100 people at the same time, 500 MB of bandwidth is required. 

Website storage and bandwidth limits on Elementor Cloud 

Now that we have a perspective on how website bandwidth and storage work together, let’s see how much an Elementor hosted website subscription provides in terms of storage and bandwidth limits.

A single Elementor website subscription provides 100 GB of website bandwidth and 20 GB of website storage.

Page TypeVisitorsMin. bandwidth equivalent
5 MB (Typical Long Form Blog Page)10,000-20,000 50-100 GB
10MB (WordPress Theme Based Online Portfolio Page)1,000-10,00010-100 GB
2 MB (Ecommerce Page Listing)10,000-50,00020-100 GB
Page SizeNumber of
web pages stored
Web storage equivalent
5 MB (Typical Long Form Blog Page)1,000-4,0005-20 GB
10MB (WordPress Theme Based Online Portfolio Page)1,000-2,00010-20 GB
2 MB (Ecommerce Page Listing)5,000-10,00010-20 GB

As you can see from the above figures, the storage space available to Elementor hosted website owners provides more than enough room even for large websites to accommodate strong traffic.    

Final words

There are many other factors other than website storage and bandwidth that must be considered before opting for a website hosting subscription. See this page for a full overview of Elementor hosted website features.

If you still have questions or a website with special requirements, contact us here. We’ll be happy to help.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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