Sticky Scrolling Effect (Pro)

The Sticky Scrolling Effect lets you set a Section/Widget as sticky, so that it sticks to the top or bottom of the screen. 


Watch a video of a cool example of a sticky scrolling effect.

Scrolling Effect

  1. Edit the Section/Widget by clicking its handle section settings
  2. Click the Advanced tab in the panel 
  3. Open the Motion Effects section
  4. Sticky: Choose to set your section to “stick” to the Top or Bottom of the screen, when scrolling
  5. Sticky On: Select on which devices your section will be sticky, Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile
  6. Offset: Pushes the sticky element up or down by pixels
  7. Effects Offset: The number of pixels the user must scroll before the sticky effect begins

Note: Effects Offset affects only if CSS was added to the sticky element. Learn more here.

Learn more about Sticky

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