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  • If you get a gray page when you try to edit with Elementor, it is probably due to a conflict with another plugin or with a script inserted within the theme. In this case, activate the safe mode. If it helped, deactivate each plugin one by one, besides Elementor and Elementor Pro to figure out which one is causing the issue. We strive to solve the incompatibility issues with other plugins as much as possible. If you have noticed an incompatibility with a plugin, please report this issue to us and to the support of the conflicting plugin.  
  • Sometimes, you can get this loading page because of an add-on installed on your browser. In this case, you can switch to another browser (It has to be Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera).
  • If your theme uses a preloader, you may need to disable the preloader within the theme’s options or within Customizer. Learn more.
  • The gray page can be also due to X frame restrictions and Cross-origin issues. You can see if it is the issue by checking the error messages of your browser console (to do it, click right on your mouse, select “inspect” and then “console”. Error messages are written in red). In this case, you will have to change the X-Frame-Options from DENY to SAMEORIGIN. This has to be solved by your hosting company.
  • If you use Cloudflare, you may need to either switch off Rocket Loader or add rules to Cloudflare. When Rocket Loader is activated it can take time to load the editor of Elementor and sometimes you will get stuck on the gray loading page.  Click here for a solution. The cache of Cloudflare can also prevent your browser from recognizing the new versions of Elementor and Elementor pro so make sure that you clear/deactivate your cache before updating the plugins. 
  • If you are using both the free version of Elementor and Elementor Pro, make sure the versions are compatible. If you are using one that is older than another, conflicts can occur, because the newer version may be using code or functions that the older one is unaware of. Update both to the latest versions to troubleshoot this possibility.

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