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Last Update: April 1, 2024

AI is a great way to build websites quickly and efficiently. Elementor AI offers you several ways to leverage this technology to improve your workflow.

Elementor AI is available to ALL Elementor users,  all you need is:

An Elementor account and an Elementor plugin updated to the latest version. If you’re a Pro user, you also need to upgrade to the latest Pro version. 

Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements mentioned above, you can access any AI feature by clicking the AI icon sEgnrElTWxspd72IYmSsZq9inLHHV NZxowJLJUQ1dDFsMZaVE4iv7BfNE3QN52TL aNymVED5sznE1u2b9YY1iDq qMtVzUjcDrCyAwU7SwZjUpZYo0 1qgM9cjF4UEiqmuh2lu nMRBB5wtnc5pA Get started with Elementor AI 17 wherever it’s found in the Editor.

If you have not yet purchased an AI subscription you will be prompted to start a free trial. If you don’t see the free trial prompt, make sure you’re connected to your account. 

Establish context

The first step in working with Elementor AI is to give the AI as much background information about your site and business as possible. This will allow AI to tailor its suggestions throughout the site, specifically for your site. Check out Build a customized website with AI Context for more information. For instance, if you specify the site is for a hair salon geared toward women with curly hair, AI offers suggestions appealing to these customers. 

Build your page

In Elementor, webpages are made up of a series of containers. You can use AI to help build these containers either by describing what you want or by basing it on an existing webpage. 

Add content to your page

After you’ve built your page, with or without AI, you’ll need to add or adjust the content – images and text. Elementor AI provides the tools for this.

Code with AI

For web creators interested in creating custom features for their sites, Elementor AI can make coding far faster.

Improve your prompts

If you’re having trouble getting the results you want out of AI, the problem may be with your prompts – the requests you make to the AI. Learn how to click the enhance prompt icon 6 oQhNekhsw x3hCwUttxBTRon 6FfcK4l Anxd48jgFxK7CjTzsTMpkGNDefm3yT U16 515EoptvZoqhkGkdBZjNHLQKSilYXw2 rGxaxO7tlMI mE6uT6HjScGvBYNJPBKv6yOGpZERoG8p05Rw Get started with Elementor AI 19 and  improve your requests with AI prompt ideas. However, always remember to check the enhanced prompts for accuracy.

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