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Last Update: February 2, 2024


Elementor AI is built specifically for Elementor, which means results you get in Elementor AI will bring you closer to your desired outcome in your website. Below, you can find a number of request ideas you can use, to transform the way you create website:

Text Creation

  • Write me an attention grabbing Heading for a [my business] website
  • Suggest a 4 word headline for [topic]
  • Write a strong section header for [topic]
  • Write me a blog post about [topic] 
  • Write me a description about a [product] 
  • Copy your blog post’s content and use ‘Make it Shorter’ to instantly create an excerpt and a blog post title. 
  • Highlight the content from any review or testimonials content to instantly fix grammar or spelling mistakes 
  • Highlight any text and translate it into [language] (from the list of 29 different languages available in Elementor) 
  • Write FAQs for your website – Provide answers to frequently asked questions about your product/service to make it easier for customers to make informed decisions.
  • Write a case study about [product / service] that shows how it helped a specific client achieve success and what the measurable outcomes were.
  • Write a step-by-step guide or tutorials for a how-to article about [product / service / feature]  
  • Write an ‘About Us’ section on your website based on what inspired you to start [your business] , and what your mission and values are.
  • Write a short bio about [team mate] that includes the following details: [List details to include]
  • Write a buying guide that helps customers choose the best product/service for their needs and budget
  • Write a product comparison between [product/service] and [product/service] to boost sales by helping them make an informed decision. 
  • Create a glossary that includes [industry specific term list], which can improve SEO and provide your site visitors with more information about your industry. 

Custom CSS (Requires Elementor Pro or Hosting) 

  • Change the color of an SVG icon to [color]
  • Make the text gradient, and have it go from [color] to [color] 
  • Apply a shadow to the text
  • Change the position of [star ratings] to be above / below the testimonial or review 
  • In the Counter widget – align the counter number and text below it to the left 
  • Apply [interaction] upon hover to the icon in the button 
  • On hover, animate 20% bigger, rotate [x] degrees counterclockwise
  • Add a circle-shaped clip mask, semi transparent on hover
  • Rainbow colored animated text gradient 
  • Add a 3D shadow to the text 
  • Hide the second image widget and show it when the user hovers the container, also hide the first image while the second one is visible, make the transition smooth
    • This will work when you have a custom positioned image placed on top of another image

Custom Code (Requires Elementor Pro or Hosting) 

  • Add a script tag with code that attaches a Google Analytics event to every Elementor button on the page. The event data should contain the button text. Assume that GA is already loaded.
  • write a script that changes between my 2 site logos based on the time of day. between 5:00 AM and 7:00 PM show ‘.site-logo-day’ and hide ‘.site-logo-night’, and between 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM show ‘.site-logo-night’ and hide ‘site-logo-day’
  • Show/Hide Elements Relative to screen
  • Add/Remove Classes Relative to screen
  • Show a custom thankyou message when elementor form is submitted 

HTML snippets 

  • Create a slider and add the value beneath it 
  • write code that embeds the following PDF into a webpage: <link to PDF>
  • Write an Iframe code to embed a Spotify widget on my web page. My ID is 1234567890
  • Write code that causes a GA event to be fired on every button element click, assume GA was loaded.
  • Add a table to my website
    • You can also use Elementor AI to write a Custom CSS that will change the color of the font, the background color, and more
  • In the form widget, change the field type to HTML, then create a script that calculates the value from [‘#form-field-name]) select field and multiply that value with the value from [‘#form-field-name] select field, show the result in the html field ‘#result’ div
    • For this to work, you need to have 2 fields and set their type to “select,” then replace the ‘field name’ in the prompt to the ID of the fields you set the ID value can be changed from by going to the specific field, expand the field item, and go to the advanced tab.  
  • Create conditional logic on Elementor form

Elementor AI prompt libraries

For specific AI prompts, check out the three Elementor prompt libraries:

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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