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Build with Elementor AI – FAQ

Last Update: February 2, 2024

Creating containers with Elementor AI

  1. Is Elementor trying to replace the web creator’s work?
    Absolutely not. On the contrary, Elementor is dedicated to empowering web creators by offering cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency and innovation. Our AI technology, covering structure, layout, design, and content, is designed to save time and effort, providing an abundance of creative possibilities. Far from replacing, Elementor is leading the charge in redefining the web creation experience, ensuring web creators have the freedom to customize every aspect of their website within this new era.
  2. What widgets can I use for building containers with AI?
    All Elementor widgets will be available for building containers with AI. Note that the possibility of using generated layouts depends on your Elementor subscription. If you are using the Elementor free version you will only be able to use layouts with available widgets. These layouts will be available entirely if you upgrade your account to Elementor Pro or Hosting.
  3. What if I already have a site created with sections and columns and now I want to use Elementor AI for containers?
    First, you need to set containers as the default setting. Do not worry, your existing design will remain intact. This is done by going to WP Admin and navigating to Elementor > Settings > Features. Then activate both Flexbox containers and Grid containers. Once this is set, you can still continue editing your site with its existing sections and columns, while new layouts will be created with containers. This will also allow you to use AI with existing sections. If you prefer, you can also choose to convert all of the existing sections and columns into containers.
  4. What’s the best way to create prompts?
    The key to a good prompt lies in providing as many details as possible. When generating containers it’s best to provide a descriptive idea of the layout, style, colors, widgets and purpose of the container you would like to create. In addition, Elementor AI offers a prompt enhancer that will help fill in details you may have overlooked. Click the enhancer to expand your prompt and then check it to see if the added details represent the content you want. You can also use the suggestions provided when you enter a slash (/) before the prompt or consult our  Prompts library.
  5. What is the difference between the three variations?
    AI isn’t flawless, and we recognize the importance of giving you options. We provide three variations for you to choose from. This diverse selection allows you to get the layout that best suits your website. As we continue, we’ll learn and optimize the results based on your preferences and needs.
  6. Why are the variations not exactly what I requested?
    Elementor utilizes AI technology that encompasses a range of elements including structure, layout, design, and content. Unlike templates that offer specific layouts, AI-generated results are produced based on its interpretation. For more precise outcomes, providing a comprehensive prompt with explicit details is crucial.
  7. I got three variations – will each cost me with credits or only the one I use?
    You do not use credits when you generate the three variations. You can explore each variation and assess how it fits your needs. Only when you select “Use Layout” for one of the variations will you use credits for the prompt generation.
  8. I got three variations and regenerated the prompt for more variations – will it be charged for credits as one prompt or two?
    Submitting a prompt incurs credit charges based on the prompt type (text, image, code, etc.). You won’t be charged for reviewing the three generated variations, but you can only choose one per submission. Regenerating or editing the prompt for new variations will result in additional credit charges..
  9. Can I use all the three variations I got?
    Among the three variations, you will need to select the one that best aligns with your vision and requirements. Ultimately, you’ll choose and use only one of the provided variations. A future feature, AI history, will allow you to go back and use a previously generated container variation.
  10. What if I generate another prompt and then prefer the variations from the previous one can I restore those variations?
    Currently, the AI history feature is unavailable for building with AI, so there is no option to revert to previous variations once you have generated a new prompt. The generated results are specific to the prompt and iteration they were created for.
  11. What amount of credits do I need to create these prompts?
    With our easy-to-use credit system you get an annual allotment of prompts to spend on the mix of structure, layout, design, and content you wish to generate. These are the credits needed for each type of prompt you write.
    1 Text prompt = 1 credit
    1 Code prompt = 1 credit
    1 Container prompt =  40 credits
    1 Image prompt = 33 credits
    Keep in mind when generating text, code, images or containers, you may want to use multiple prompts until you reach your desired result.
  12. How many containers can I generate with each of the paid plans?
    It really depends on how you use your plan’s credits.
    The AI starter plan provides you with 18K credits, and the AI power plan provides you with 50k credits per year Both plans allow you to generate 4 types of prompts – text, code, images and containers.
    These are the credits needed for each type of prompt you write.
    1 Text prompt = 1 credit
    1 Code prompt = 1 credit
    1 Container prompt =  40 credits
    1 Image prompt = 33 credits
    Keep in mind when generating with AI, you may want to use multiple prompts until you reach your desired result.
  13. How many free prompts do I have?
    The free trial is meant to give you an opportunity to experience what you can achieve with Elementor AI. The amount of prompts you can generate with the free trial will depend on the type of prompts and volume of content, images and containers you generate. You will be notified within the product, and via dedicated email when you’ve used 80% of your allotted requests in your free trial, and again when you’ve reached 100% of your allotted requests.
  14. How will I know when I’ve used up my subscription?
    We will notify you within the Editor when you’ve reached 80% of your plan’s consumption, and continue reflecting how much you’ve used from that point onwards.
  15. I don’t see the possibility of generating containers with AI, where can I find it?
    AI for containers is under experiments, so if you don’t see the AI icon in your new element area, it means the experiment is not activated.
    Simply activate the “Build with AI” experiment with 3 easy steps and get started:
    1. In WordPress dashboard, under the Elementor menu, click Settings.
    2. In Settings, choose the Features tab.
    3. Look for the Build with AI experiment, and set to Activate.
      (This experiment requires container experiment to be active as well)

Editing containers with Elementor AI

  1. The variation button is not showing up when I right-click a container – what can be the problem?
    If the variation button is not appearing, consider the following:
    • Ensure you have the latest Elementor version installed.
    • Confirm that you have selected a container for the variation.
  2. The results are not exactly what I expected. What should I do?
    If the generated results are not as expected, follow these steps:
    • Utilize the best result as a starting point and make manual adjustments.
    • Consider rephrasing and emphasizing your desired outcome using an enhanced prompt.
  3. Will Elementor AI for containers work on 3rd party widgets?
    AI will not replace the content and style of 3rd party widgets.

Creating containers based on existing webpages

  1. Does the web-based container feature infringe on copyrights?
    Rest assured, our process doesn’t involve copying layouts. We draw inspiration from the structure only, and fill in relevant data that’s based on your prompt, ensuring compliance with copyright concerns.
  2. The preview of the web-based container feature is not correctly presenting the URL I added. What can be done?
    If the preview is not displaying the added URL correctly, it may be due to site compatibility issues. Unfortunately, not all sites are compatible.
  3. The layout of the web-based container feature that was generated doesn’t contain all of the widgets I need.
    We are actively working on expanding coverage to include more widgets in the generated layouts.
  4. Is the generated web-based container responsive?
    Currently, basic responsiveness is supported. You can further adjust responsiveness based on your specific needs.
  5. I don’t see the possibility of generating containers with AI, where can I find it?
    AI for containers is a Feature that should be activated by default, so if you don’t see the AI icon in your new element area, that means the feature has not been activated. To learn more about activating features, see Elementor experimental features.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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