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Role Manager

Last Update: January 28, 2024

Manage and limit what your users can edit with Elementor.

Website administrators can add users to their site, assigning them various roles. For more information about roles, and what roles WordPress allows you to create, see Add a user. The number and type of roles available for your site depends on your setup and what plugins you install.  In addition to the permissions allowed by WordPress, the Elementor Role Manager allows you to limit what users can access and edit with the Elementor Editor.

Grant and limit permissions with the Role Manager

To grant or limit permissions:
image 54 Role Manager 1

  1. In WP Admin, go to Elementor>Role Manager.
    The Roles appear Role Manager 3
    The roles available for your website appear on screen.
  2. Click the down arrow to expand the role for which you want to manage permissions.
    image 56 Role Manager 5
  3. Mark the checkboxes to grant or limit permissions for that role.
    image 57 Role Manager 7
  4. Click Save Changes.

Permissions and limitations

You can grant or limit the following permissions using the Role Manager:

  • No access to editor: Users with this role cannot open the Elementor Editor.
  • Access to edit contents only: Users with this role can open the Elementor Editor, but can only change existing content. They can’t add new elements.
  • Enable the option to upload JSON files: Users with this role can upload JSON files. 
JSON files can potentially contain malware so care should be taken when granting permission to upload these files.

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