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Background slideshow

Last Update: August 17, 2023

You can set a slideshow of images as the background of a Section, Column, or Inner Column, enabling you to build more complex structures and layouts, while still preserving a transition effect.

The background slideshow options can be found within the Style tab of the section or column.



  1. Background Type: Select the Background Slideshow icon slideshowicon Background slideshow 1
  2. Add Images: Click the Add Images button to select images to display. Once selected, click Create a New Gallery button and then click the Insert Gallery button
  3. Infinite Loop: Set to YES to have the images continue rotating, infinitely
  4. Slide Duration: Set the time the slide will remain in view, in milliseconds
  5. Slide Transition: Choose from Fade, Slide Right, Slide Left, Slide Down, or Slide Up
  6. Transition Duration: Set the speed with which the slides transition from one to another, in milliseconds
  7. Background Size: Set the size of the background, selecting from Default, Auto, Cover, or Contain
  8. Background Position:Choose the focal position of the background image selecting from Default, Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Center Left, Center Center, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, or Bottom Right
  9. Ken Burns Effect: Slide to YES to enable this popular zooming effect on the background image.
  10. Direction: If Ken Burns Effect is set to Yes, this additional option will appear. Set the zoom Direction to In or Out.
file Ll5eJDapzv Background slideshow 3

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