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What does Elementor support cover?

Last Update: March 4, 2024

Support for users using the Elementor Free version

Elementor provides comprehensive support for all the free users, including resources, tutorials, and documentation.  This repository helps the users through various issues encountered with the free version.

Support for users using the Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro users are provided with premium support that includes 24/7 support available through your dashboard.

To get support, you have to be connected to your Elementor account which will allow us to identify you as a Pro user.

If you are having trouble logging in and want to contact support without logging in, refer to How do I submit a support ticket?

With your approval, the support team can access your WordPress dashboard and control panels to debug and solve issues.

Check your Spam mailbox if you’ve submitted a ticket and not heard back from us.
We strongly recommend that you backup your website before contacting support. Learn more about backing up your Elementor Cloud website.

Support Scope

At present, we support all the issues related to the current features of the Elementor plugin.

We do not support the following features:
Third-party Themes and Plugins – Although we do not support Third-party Themes and Plugins officially, we make efforts to resolve the issue at no cost. However, we strongly recommend you contact the Third party as at times they may have to make appropriate changes on their end.
Custom Code – We do not support custom code or custom CSS code including Elementor AI-generated codes. However, we recommend joining our Elementor Community where you may be able to get help to create or troubleshoot custom code from our members.
WordPress – We do not provide general WordPress support, but you can find valuable resources and answers related to WordPress in the forums.
Optimization and SEO – We do not provide optimization and SEO consultation, but you can get excellent articles on our blog for webpage optimization. We also strongly recommend contacting an SEO expert for specialized guidance.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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