What is Premium Support?

Elementor Pro users get premium support from our team of professionals. To get support, you have to be connected to your Elementor account which will allow us to identify you as a Pro user.

Need to submit a support ticket? Find out how.

Benefits of Premium Support

Whether you’re just getting started or need assistance with advanced features, our Premium Support team is here to answer you within 1 day on average. Our paid users are given top priority in our customer experience system, with replies to their customer experience tickets taking precedence.

With your permission, our support reps will even go into your WordPress dashboard and control panels to debug and solve issues. This service is not available to free users.

Tip: Check your Spam mailbox if you’ve submitted a ticket and not heard back from us.  

Note: We strongly recommend that you backup your website before contacting support. Learn more about backing up your Elementor Cloud website.

Have You Tried the Knowledge Base?

Although we’re eager to help you, please be aware that we also offer extensive documentation and tutorials for every feature in our docs area. This is sometimes the quickest way for you to solve your issue.

If you’re seeing an actual error message, try searching for a few words of the message itself. For example, if you see a message that includes the phrase “Could not create directory”, type that exact phrase into the search bar, and you’ll get directed to a help document that gives suggestions for solving that issue. Likewise, searching for “500 error” would lead you straight to a guide for solving those errors.

Support Scope

What do we support?

We support issues related to the current features of the Elementor plugin. 

What don’t we support?

Third-party Themes and Plugins

Officially, we don’t support 3rd-party themes or plugins, even if they are Elementor addons. However, we do try hard to provide free support for this whenever possible. Precedence, of course, is given to issues that are linked solely to Elementor. So, while we may try to help solve a compatibility problem, please understand that it may take time and ultimately we cannot guarantee that we can resolve it, as the solution may require the 3rd party to make changes on their end. For that reason, you should report the problem to the 3rd party as well. We strive to make Elementor as compatible as possible with 3rd party plugins and themes, but we cannot control the 3rd party’s code. If you find conflicts, please report the problem via the relevant support channel for either the Free or Pro version of Elementor. You can report problems with the free version at the WordPress repository support channel and you can report problems with Elementor Pro via your Elementor Pro account dashboard.

Although Elementor acquired the Layers theme in January 2019, all customer experience for the theme is handled by the Layers User Community. You can read more about the terms of the acquisition.

Custom Code and WordPress

We don’t support custom code or custom CSS, including custom code generated by Elementor AI. We recommend joining our Elementor Community. Our tens of thousands of members may be able to help you create or troubleshoot custom code.

We do not give general WordPress support. You can find resources and answers around WordPress in the WordPress.org forums.

Optimization and SEO

Elementor support does not provide optimization advice. There are a number of excellent articles on our blog about optimizing your webpages.

We do not provide SEO consulting. Please contact an SEO expert for these matters.

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