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Change language

Last Update: March 25, 2024

By default, Elementor and Elementor Pro use the language set in the WordPress admin.

To change language:

  1. Login to WP Admin.
  2. Go to Settings > General.
    Change language 1
  3. Click Save Changes.

Your WordPress admin, Elementor and Elementor Pro frontend and backend is set in the Site Language you’ve chosen.

To run Elementor or Elementor Pro in a different language from the site’s language, see Set The Editor’s Language To Differ From The Site’s Language.

Update your site’s translations after each update of Elementor

Updating Elementor does not automatically update the translation. When you switch the language the language of Elementor and Elementor Pro changes as well. But you need to perform  an additional step.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Updates. The WordPress Updates page shows.
  2. Click Update Translations to accept the translation of Elementor Pro.
    Change language 2
After each update, there may be new strings to translate, so you should check the WordPress Updates page after each Elementor update.

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