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Enable debugging on Elementor hosted website

Last Update: February 8, 2024


This article explains how to enable debugging mode for your Elementor hosted website.

When the debugging mode is enabled, the following happens:

  • All PHP errors, notices and warnings displays on the website front end. 
  • WordPress uses the non-minified versions of core CSS and JavaScript files rather than the minified versions that are normally loaded. 

You need to switch ON the WordPress & Script Debug field to enable debugging a problem or testing modifications to files. 

This is useful when you are testing modifications to any built-in .js or .css files. 

Enable debugging mode

To switch on safe mode:

  1. Login to My Elementor dashboard.
  2. Go to Websites.
  3. Hover over the desired website and click Manage this website to open the site details screen.
    Enable debugging on Elementor hosted website 1
  4. Click Advance
    Enable debugging on Elementor hosted website 2
  5. Scroll down to Debugging & Troubleshooting.
  6. For WordPress & Script Debug, toggle WordPress & Script Debug to ON. (Default is OFF)

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