Migrating additional content to your Elementor hosted website

When migrating content to your Elementor hosted website, you may need to use additional tools for Non-Elementor based content. The WordPress Export / Import tools will help migrate the additional content. It is important to install any dependent plugins on your new site before starting the migration.

Using The WordPress Import / Export Tools

Navigate to WP Dashboard > Tools in order to use the feature.

Export Your Data

From the Export dashboard of your existing website, choose the content you want to migrate over. For smaller sites, you may choose the All content option. You may additionally filter the content you wish to export. If you use additional plugins such as WooCommerce, you will see additional export options for those listed here. For larger sites, it may be necessary to break the process into separate files to avoid server timeouts.

Import Your Data

  1. On your Elementor hosted website, navigate to the Import Dashboard. From the list below, install the WordPress Importer

  2. From the Importer screen select your downloaded XML file. Due to Hosted Elementor Website restrictions, you may only upload a 100mb file maximum. This cannot be increased. You will need to break up the file into smaller files above

  3. On the next screen, you will be prompted to assign the author, or create one. Choose yourself if unsure.  Toggle the import attachments to retrieve the images and other media of your original site.

  4. The importer will take a few minutes to run and give you an “All Done Have Fun” message

Additional Tasks After Migration

  1. Resave Permalinks
  2. Run the Elementor Find and Replace tools
  3. Replace any missing images / dependencies

Important: Using third party migration plugins such as All In One Migration, Duplicator, or others is not recommended for migrating your existing site to Hosted Elementor Websites as they may overwrite the Elementor Pro Subscription connection. If this happens, you may use the Hosted Elementor Website backup restore tools to restore your original connection.

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