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Purchase and create an Elementor Hosting site

Last Update: February 11, 2024

Elementor hosted websites come with web hosting optimized for WordPress and Elementor, and include a subscription to Elementor Pro – all in one package. By combining hosting with Elementor Pro, users don’t have to worry about dealing with different companies for their hosting and site building needs – it’s all in one place.  

With these powerful tools, you can get straight to creating a professional website from scratch–no code required. Now you can focus solely on the UX and aesthetics of your website. This can lead to better click-funnels, improved ecommerce sales, and ultimately, having a highly polished look and feel on your site. This all improves your site traffic, builds brand loyalty, and imparts trust in your brand.

If you’re looking for an excellent end-to-end website solution for your business, consider getting an Elementor hosted website. In this guide, we’ll show you how to purchase your own Elementor hosted website. 

Getting started

Begin the process by navigating to our pricing page.

Choose a plan suitable for your needs.

Next, click the Buy Now button. You’ll receive all the features at an annual price with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This will take you to the purchase page. Fill in the required information in the fields and click Continue.

Note: If you don’t have an Elementor account, you’ll need to create one.

Screenshot of the form the buyer needs to complete before proceeding with the rest of the transaction.
Simply fill in a form to get you to the next purchasing step!

Next, choose your payment method and fill in the details. 

If you have a discount code, click on Discount code and enter it.

Click Pay Now.

Screenshot of the last step of the purchase process with the Pay Now button highlighted in red next to a form collecting payment details.
Almost done, just need to get the plastic out!

And that’s it! Your purchase was successful! 

Click Start creating your website. This will take you through a configuration wizard that will allow you to customize the website to meet your needs!  

Screenshot of the thank you screen for completing the payment process.
Thanks a bunch, you’ve completed the ordering process!

Create your website

Now you’re ready to start creating your website. You can use the configuration wizard to take care of the broad strokes.

First, you’ll be prompted to put in your preferred website name. Once you’ve done that, click Next

Screenshot of the website naming step during the website creation process.
Naming the website is easy!

Next, choose what kind of website you want. You have four options to choose from: Blog, Online Store, Portfolio, and Business or Corporate website. Once you’re ready, click Next.

Screenshot of the website type selection process. Users have four options; blog, online store, portfolio, and business or corporate website.
Select the type of website you’re making.

You can now select your website kit

A website kit contains all the main components of an expertly designed website. You can decide to customize it, or switch it out later for another kit from the editor. Of course, if you prefer design your own website from the ground up, click the I’d rather start from scratch button. 

Screenshot of kits that meet your search filters. Use the I'd rather start from scratch button at the bottom of the screen, highlighted in red, if you don't want to use a kit.
Unsure about which kit you want, select start from scratch!

The website configuration wizard will now start creating a new WordPress site for you. After a few moments, you’ll get a message saying your site is ready.

Screenshot of the your site is ready screen. Use the let's go button to get to your latest website project.
Your website is ready!

Check your email for the new website’s sign-in details, and click Let’s go! 

You’ll be taken to My Elementor Dashboard where you can get to work.  

If you elected to start with a website kit, click Edit with Elementor to start editing the homepage of your website.

Screenshot of the Elementor Dashboard with Edit with Elementor selected.
Want to change something, good news; you can!

If you elected to start from scratch, you can either Open WP dashboard to go to the WordPress dashboard, or click Edit with Elementor to start working on a page.

Screenshot of your dashboard. Here items are arranged in three large tiles with the top tile containing a helpful welcome video and some useful bookmarks. The lower left tile contains Elementor quick action icons, with Elementor resource links shown in the lower right tile.
Your WordPress dashboard!

The bottom line

The Elementor Hosted Website helps you create websites in real-time. You can view your website as you build it without having any prior coding skills. Just drag and drop features onto your canvas and let your creativity flow.

You can also adjust your website’s layout and style for every screen type by customizing breakpoints for tablets, desktop computers, mobile devices, and more. 

Head over to the Academy to learn more about Elementor’s powerful site building tools.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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