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Explore the My Elementor dashboard

Last Update: June 4, 2024

When you register as an Elementor user, an Elementor dashboard is automatically created for you.  You can manage and edit all your Elementor sites from the My Elementor dashboard.

1 the dashboard 1 Explore the My Elementor dashboard 1
Anyone working on your site must be made a team member in order to access the site from the My Elementor dashboard.  See Add team members to your subscription for more information.
The My Elementor dashboard lets you access both your Elementor Hosting websites and Elementor websites hosted by third parties.

My Elementor dashboard tabs

The My Elementor dashboard has several tabs giving you quick access to various features:

Contains website cards giving you access to all your websites. Hover over a card to:
  • Open WP dashboard
  • Edit with Elementor (Elementor Hosting sites only)
  • Manage this website (Elementor Hosting sites only)
For Elementor Hosting sites only, click the ellipses cb8uHd2406jTrChU5IJoHcO7XOwvyDjMY9KlbUPTAlagUOHfioUoBeiY06Yg erhEaE6aZlt9ysHyGqW7779 Explore the My Elementor dashboard 3 on the card to:
  • Visit the live website
  • Open the WP dashboard
  • Clone the website
  • See the details of the subscription associated with this site
  • Copy the subscription ID, usually needed when getting support
  • Mark the site as a favorite to make it easier to access
  • Send your website credentials to Elementor support
From this tab you can also create a new Elementor Hosting site and download a copy of Elementor Pro
Contains a list of all the subscriptions you’ve purchased. Here you can buy a new subscription, Upgrade your subscription, download Elementor Pro and Manage your subscription.

Managing your subscription includes changing your billing address, updating your payment method and controlling auto-renewal.
Brand & Business
Buy and add a custom domain name to your Elementor Hosting site, set up email addresses for your website and create a website logo. 
Access Premium Site services for help with:
  • Initial site setup
  • Website migration
  • Malware cleanup
  • Lead collection popups
  • Form integration
Support Center
Contains links to: 
  • Tutorials that will help you get the most out of Elementor’s features
  • Guides about submitting a support ticket
Plugins and tools to customize your website and boost productivity.
Links to the Elementor Facebook group.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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