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My Elementor dashboard

Last Update: November 2, 2023

When you register as an Elementor user, an Elementor dashboard is created for you. This happens automatically when you purchase Elementor Pro or an Elementor hosted website.

The My Elementor dashboard gives you one easy location where you can manage and edit all your Elementor sites.

Dashboard Card Views My Elementor dashboard 1
My Elementor dashboard 23

Note: All editors and admin on your website need to create an Elementor account to connect to/use the Library. Read more about this here.  

Controls and features

Click the Search icon to quickly find one of your websites by searching for either its url or title.

Search Websites My Elementor dashboard 3
My Elementor dashboard 24

Display Options

Display Icon My Elementor dashboard 5
My Elementor dashboard 25

Click the display icon to switch between viewing your websites in either Cards view or List view.

Create website

Clicking on Create a hosted website to create a new Elementor hosted website using an existing subscription or by purchasing a new subscription.

Create a hosted site My Elementor dashboard 7
My Elementor dashboard 26

Filtering Options

If you have many sites connected to a Legacy Expert, or Agency plugin account, as well as Elementor hosted sites, you may toggle the filters shown here. If added, your favorites may also be shown.

Filter Bar My Elementor dashboard 9
My Elementor dashboard 27

Additional filtering options

From here you may toggle to filter by site name, or date created, as well as sorting by ascending or descending.

Additional Filters My Elementor dashboard 11
My Elementor dashboard 28

Card view

In card view mode, hover over any site and click the link to:

  • Edit with Elementor
  • Manage this Site’s settings

You can also see if Site Lock is active or if your subscription is about to expire.

Card View Cloud User My Elementor dashboard 13
My Elementor dashboard 29

List view

In list view mode, the links will be displayed as buttons.

  • The cog icon will take you to your site management settings
  • The Edit with Elementor will open your Homepage in the Editor
  • The Open WP dashboard will open your website’s WordPress dashboard
List View hosted User My Elementor dashboard 15
My Elementor dashboard 30

Additional options

List View hosted User ekkipses My Elementor dashboard 17
My Elementor dashboard 31
Manage my site website card click the ellipses My Elementor dashboard 19
My Elementor dashboard 32

Clicking the site’s ellipsis icon will open a modal with additional options:

ellipses options My Elementor dashboard 21
My Elementor dashboard 33
Visit live websiteGo to your website and experience it as a website visitor.
Open WP dashboardAccess the WP Admin screen
Unlock siteTurn off Site Lock. For more details, see Learn what site Lock is.
Clone this websiteMake an exact duplicate of your site.
View related subscriptionEvery Elementor Hosting site is associated with a subscription. Click View related subscription to access the details of this subscription.
Copy subscription IDIf you contact support, they may need your subscription ID. Click to copy the subscription ID to your clipboard.
Add to FavoritesIf you’re responsible for maintaining a number of websites, you can group the most commonly accessed websites and mark them as Favorites. Click to add this site to the Favorites list.
Create temporary credentialsIf you contact support, they may need to access your site using temporary credentials. Click here to generate these credentials.

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