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What is Elementor?

Elementor is the ultimate WordPress website builder which enables you to create beautiful websites intuitively, professionally, and without having to write code.

What is the difference between Elementor and WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS or content management system. It is essentially a database of all the content in your website. Elementor is a frontend editor for this database, allowing you to arrange and display the content in a visual and easy-to-use way.

How do I get started with Elementor?

For a complete guide to getting started with using Elementor, visit our Academy learning center. Here you will find a complete course to help guide you through the steps.

My Hosted Elementor Website

What is a Hosted Elementor Website?

Elementor Hosted Websites give users all the power of the professional version of Elementor, along with a place to host their websites. Because the Elementor Hosted Website servers are optimized for Elementor, building a site with  Elementor is faster and easier than ever. 

How do I move my site from my present host to a Hosted Elementor Website?

Elementor has both an export and an import kit. Export Kit will allow you to export either all, or some, of your Elementor content from one website and import it into another using the Import Kit. Imported pages and templates will retain display conditions and site settings including colors, typography, and other globals.

Can I transfer my Hosted Elementor Website to another hosting provider?

Yes, your website is completely transferable between hosting providers. We have even simplified this process with our export and import kits. However, please note that you must have WordPress installed on the new host and if you’re using Elementor Pro functions, you must have the Elementor Pro plugin installed in the new host. 

How do I link my domain name to my Hosted Elementor Website?

The first step is to purchase a domain. You can do this by following these steps. Once you have a domain name, follow these steps to add your domain to your Elementor Website account. 

Can I switch to a different custom domain name? 

You can change your custom domain at any time. The process is similar to “Adding Your Own Domain.”

Do Hosted Elementor Websites offer SSL encryption?

Yes, we provide SSL by Let’sEncrypt.

What themes do Hosted Elementor Websites work with?

Elementor Hosted Websites work with all themes which are compliant with the coding standards of WordPress as set by its Codex. We’ve tested it on hundreds of themes, making sure everything works perfectly, down to the last pixel.

What plugins do Hosted Elementor Websites work with?

Elementor Hosted Websites work with almost all WP plugins. If you experience an incompatibility issue, please report it to us and link to the plugin which conflicts with Elementor.

Note: Some plugins are not allowed on Elementor Hosted Websites. For a list of dis-allowed plugins please click here.

What is SiteLock?

Elementor Website sites are locked by default. This feature is called Sitelock and means that visitors are blocked from viewing your site unless they have a PIN code. This enables you to work freely without worrying that users will stumble across your unfinished site. Sitelock also prevents search engines from discovering your site and negatively affecting your score. When you finish building your site and are ready for visitors, turn Sitelock off. 

See here for more details about Sitelock.


How do I create a new page?

From the dashboard, go to Pages > Add New.  From the WP editor, give your page a title, click the publish button (twice), and then click the Edit With Elementor button. Learn more here.

You may additionally write your content in the WP editor and use the Single Page Template in the Theme Builder to style all page layouts.

How do I create a new post?

From the dashboard, go to Posts > Add New. From the WP editor, give your post a title, category, featured image, and publish your post. Click the Edit With Elementor button to edit your post.

You may also choose to write your content in the WordPress editor and use the Single Post template of the Theme Builder to style the content layout.

What is the Theme Builder?

The Theme Builder turns Elementor from a page editor into a full website builder. With the Theme Builder you can build and design: Any theme’s header and footer, archive page templates, single post or single page templates, search page format and layout, 404 page format, your WooCommerce store layout, and more!

How do I start working with Theme Builder?

From the WP dashboard select Templates >Theme Builder.     

Can I create my own theme? 

While it is possible to create every part of your theme using Elementor templates, and create an infinite number of websites with unique designs, you cannot export a complete standalone WP theme that bundles all the theme parts. You can, however, export the individual elements that make up a theme separately, or bundle them as a template kit and use the Export/Import feature on the new site.

Can I edit all Woocommerce Pages?

You may edit the Single Product template, and Product Archive template, in the Theme Builder The cart, checkout, and my account pages may be edited by using Elementor. Future versions will enable the editing of the thank you page and additional styling features. 


What payment methods does Elementor accept?

You can use Stripe, PayPal or any major credit card to purchase Elementor Website.

Can I have my clients pay for the website?  

Yes – You can add your client’s billing information to your Elementor Hosted Website subscription via the subscription page in your account dashboard (

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