Post Content Widget

The Post Content widget is a Theme Element. It is one of the available Single Post Template widgets that is used to dynamically display the current post’s content.

Important: This widget is a REQUIRED element on the Single Post Template. If this widget is not added to the Single Post Template, the Elementor editor will not load.


  1. Alignment: Align the content left, centered, right, or justified
  2. Text Color: Choose the color of the content’s text
  3. Typography: Set the typography options for the content’s text

Read the tutorial showing how to Create a Single Post Template

Note:  Only one instance of the Post Content widget can be used on a Single Post Template. You cannot add multiple Post Content widgets on a Single Post Template, and then try to hide the variations based on device (such as hiding an instance of it on mobile or tablet). Adding multiple instances of the Post Content widget, even if you select to hide them per device, will result in the widgets not functioning properly.

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