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Manage form submissions

Last Update: June 25, 2024

Elementor form submissions allow you to backup, access and manage your form submissions data from your WP admin. This makes is easier to gather insights, analyze a campaign’s data, or simply manage your submissions.

Collect submissions

To collect information submitted by visitors:

  1. In the panel under Edit Form make sure Collect Submissions appears. If it doesn’t, add it.  is active in the Actions after Submit field.
    image 86 Manage form submissions 1
     Collect Submissions is active by default.

Access collected information

To access the information collected by forms:

  • In WP-Admin, go to Elementor>Submissions.
    image 87 Manage form submissions 3

A list of all the submissions appears.

  • To view a specific submission, click it.
    image 88 Manage form submissions 5

The details of that submission appear.

Download submissions

To download all the submissions as a .csv, or spreadsheet, file

  • Click Export All to CSV.

The entire list of submissions downloads as a .csv file.

Download selected submissions

To download selected submissions:

  1. Use the checkboxes to mark the submissions you want to download.
    image 90 Manage form submissions 7
    You can download one, some, or all submissions.
    image 90 Manage form submissions 7
    You can download one, some, or all submissions.
    image 91 Manage form submissions 11
  2. Click Export Selected to CSV.

The information submitted via the form downloads to your PC as a generic spreadsheet (.csv) file.

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