Cloud: Purchasing and Registering a Domain

In order to use a custom domain on your cloud website, you must have a name registered with a third party. Elementor does not offer registration services at this time. Commonly used registrars are:

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Google Domains
  5. Hover

Note: For this document, we will be using GoDaddy as our example. Other providers will be similar steps.

Picking a domain name

An effective domain name can help increase user interest and drive web traffic.  Choose your name carefully, as it is often the easiest way for people to recognize, and find you. Your domain should be as short as possible but use specific terms. For example is short but does not describe you in any way. Using would be much better in terms of visitors finding you.

Things to avoid

Here are some elements that may negatively impact your domain name’s perception:

  1. Numbers or dashes: These characters can make your site name harder to type or remember.
  2. Misspellings of existing words or business names: These attributes can make your site seem suspicious for spamming or phishing.
  3. Similarity to an existing brand or trademark: Naming your site and hosting content in a way that appears similar to an existing business may cause copyright or abuse complaints against you, potentially resulting in domain suspension and/or legal action.


Buying your name

You can expect to pay about $15 USD for a domain name per year. Some of this money goes to ICANN for the actual registration and the rest to the company for DNS services. Most companies offer a discounted rate for multi-year contracts. Choose the plan best for you or your client.

Protecting your name

When buying your name, many companies will also offer you a protection service. This service is an additional charge and optional, however, it does offer a basic protection. This can protect your domain from hijacking and honest mistakes like accidental transfer or an expired credit card, as well as prevents spam with a private email address. It is a good idea to purchase this when possible.

Using your name

Once purchased, it may take a few minutes to be added to the system. You may then visit your account page and set up the DNS to be pointed to your Elementor Cloud website. Learn more about connecting your domain here.

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