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Text Path widget

Last Update: February 2, 2024

By using the Text Path Widget you can attach your text to any shape! select from a predefined list of shapes or upload your own SVG shape, customize and style it as you want.

Text Path Marketing Text Path widget 1

Widget Controls

Text Path Controls Text Path widget 3

The text path widget features the following controls:

  • Text – Enter the text you wish to be displayed or use the dynamic options
  • Path Type – From the dropdown list, choose the path type. You may select from the following options:
    – Wave
    – Arc
    – Circle
    – Line
    – Oval
    – Spiral
    – Custom (Upload your own SVG path file)
  • SVG (When Custom is selected) –  You may upload a custom path to the media library using .SVG format and apply this to the text path
  • Link – Add your link URL or chose from the dynamic options
  • Alignment – Chose the alignment for your text
  • Text Direction – Choose the orientation of your text Default, RTL, or LTR
  • Show Path – Toggle this option to show your path

Style Options

Text Path Style Options Text Path widget 5

Text Path

The text path has the following style controls. These control the container of your path:

  • Size – Set the size of the text path container using % or PX
  • Rotate – Set the rotation your container in degrees

Text Options

  • Typography –  Set the font family, sizes, and style, or use the global typography control
  • Word Spacing – Use the slider to set the word spacing in %
  • Starting Point – Use the slider to set the start point of your text on the path
  • Color – Choose the color for your text using the color picker or dynamic functions. Colors may be set for Normal and Hover classes. 
Text Path Colors Text Path widget 7


Control the appearance of the path using the following options. These options can be set for Normal and Hover classes:

  • Color – Choose the background color of your path using the color picker or global options


  • Color – Choose the background color of your stroke using the color picker or global options
  • Width – Use the slider to set the stroke width in PX

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