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Revision history, undo and redo

Last Update: April 25, 2024

Nobody is perfect and sometimes you need to bring back an old version of a webpage or undo a change you made. The Elementor Editor history feature tracks the changes you made to your page and allows you to restore previous versions.  

Undo changes

  • To undo a change you just made, click  CTRL-Z (Windows) or CMD-Z (Mac).

Redo an action

  • To redo your last action, click  CTRL-SHIFT-Z (Windows) or CMD-SHIFT-Z (Mac).

Access page history

You can restore an older version of a page through the history panel.

To open the history panel:

  1. On the left side of the Editor toolbar, click the Elementor logo. 
    image 126 Revision history, undo and redo 1
    A dropdown menu appears.
    image 127 Revision history, undo and redo 3
  2. From the dropdown menu, select History.
    image 128 Revision history, undo and redo 5
    In the panel, a list of actions appears. At the top of this list are two tabs, Actions and Revisions.

Undo changes with the Action tab

The Actions tab tracks every action you took on the page during the current editing session.

To go back to a previous version of the page:

  • In the panel, under the Actions tab, select an action. 
    image 129 Revision history, undo and redo 7

The page will revert to how it appeared when you took that action.

Revert to a previous page revision with the Revisions tab

The Revisions tab tracks saved/published versions of the page. Every time you save or publish the page, a revision is created.

To revert to a previous revision:

  1. Open the history panel. For details see, Access page history
    image 130 Revision history, undo and redo 9
  2. Click the Revisions tab.
  3. Select the page version you want to revert to.
    image 131 Revision history, undo and redo 11
    The page reverts to the selected version.

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