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Last Update: November 16, 2023


In order to help improve the Elementor UI, we are redesigning a number of elements.

You can move the location of the Editor toolbar from the bottom of the panel to the top of the page by activating an experimental feature called Editor Top Bar

Full Top Bar Elementor Top Bar 169
Elementor Top Bar 213

Note: First time users will have an extra option called the Pages Panel. See Pages Panel below for more details.

Editor Controls

Listed below are descriptions for each of the Editor controls on the toolbar. They appear on the toolbar from left to right.:

Elementor logoElementor logo 1 Elementor Top Bar 171The Elementor logo gives you quick access to:
Theme Builder – here you can access the different site parts.
History menu – here you can  see all changes you’ve made to the page. You can also undo them from here.  with a chance to undo them.
User Preferences – here you can set your personal preferences for the Elementor Editor.
Keyboard Shortcuts – brings up a chart showing the keyboard combinations, or hotkeys, that will bring up certain actions.
Manage this Website – exit to the site overview section of the My Elementor dashboard.
Exit to WordPress – exit to the site’s WP Admin.
Add ElementAdd Element Elementor Top Bar 173Click this to access all the elements you can add to a page, such as text widgets and images.
Site SettingsSite Settings Elementor Top Bar 175Click this to make changes that will be applied to all your site’s pages and posts.
StructureNavigator Elementor Top Bar 177Click here to open the  Navigator. The Navigator helps you quickly locate different elements on the page.
NotesNotes Elementor Top Bar 179Click here to access the Notes panel where you can leave or read suggestions about the page. See Notes for more details.
Page Name3.14 new page name Elementor Top Bar 181Page name Elementor Top Bar 183Click the page name to get quick access to the five most recently edited pages or site parts. 
Additionally, click the Page Name drop-down to create a new page.
Page settingsPage settings 1 Elementor Top Bar 1853.14 page settings Elementor Top Bar 187Click here to make changes that affect this page.
Responsive views3.14 responsive settings Elementor Top Bar 189Responsive reviews Elementor Top Bar 191Click here to toggle between PC, tablet, and mobile view for the page.
Finder 3.14 finder Elementor Top Bar 193finder Elementor Top Bar 195Click here to quickly locate or create pages, posts and templates.
Help Center3.14 help Elementor Top Bar 197Help CEnter Elementor Top Bar 199Click here to access the Elementor Help Center.
Preview3.14 preview Elementor Top Bar 201Preview Elementor Top Bar 203Preview your page in the same way visitors to your site would see it.
Publish3.14 publish Elementor Top Bar 205Publish Elementor Top Bar 207Click Publish (or Update) to make your page live or to update your published page.
Select Publish optionspublish button 1 1 Elementor Top Bar 209Select publish options Elementor Top Bar 211Click for more save options: Save your page as a draft Save it as a template.

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