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Exiting the Elementor Editor

Last Update: June 2, 2024


When you have finished editing a page or post with the Elementor Editor, you can exit to either the WordPress dashboard, the post or page you were editing, or to a list of all the site’s posts or pages. You can set your preference the first time you exit the editor and change it later on. 

The Hamburger menu of the Elementor Editor
You can choose your preferred destination when you exit the editor.

Choosing an exit strategy

The first time you click the exit button, a modal window appears. From this screen you can set your new default exit destination.

The exit preference menu
Select your preferred exit location
  • If “This Post” is chosen, you will return to the WP editor of the current Post or Page
  • If “All Posts” is chosen, you will return to the list of Posts or Pages depending on which you are editing
  • If “WP Dashboard” is chosen, you will return to the main dashboard screen of your website.

Change the setting

You may change the default Exit destination page in your User Preferences screen.

To change the default setting:

  1. In the upper left of the screen, click the Elementor logo.
    Click the Elementor logo Exiting the Elementor Editor 3
    A dropdown menu opens.
    1 Click user preferences Exiting the Elementor Editor 5
  2. Select User Preferences.
    3 Scroll down to Navigation Exiting the Elementor Editor 7
  3. Scroll down to the Navigation section.
    4 use the dropdown menu Exiting the Elementor Editor 9
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select what screen you want to exit to.

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