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Navigator Indicators

Last Update: February 2, 2024

Navigator Indicators are small icons that indicate the state of a particular element within the Navigator. The following types of Indicators are currently available:

Eye Indicator

Indicates that this element is currently being viewed. Clicking the Eye will toggle between Show and Hide states for that element. Hiding the element will only affect the view on the back end, within the Elementor Editor. It will have no effect on the front end of the site.

Custom Position Indicator (Pro)

Indicates that the element is placed using Custom Positioning. The blue indicator line expands to show a drag icon when in hover state.

Custom CSS Indicator (Pro)

Indicates that the element has Custom CSS applied to it.

file JvP9cPLa93 Navigator Indicators 1

Motion Effects Indicator (Pro)

Indicates that the element has Motion Effects applied to it.

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