What is Elementor AI?

AI has emerged as an important, even critical tool, for increasing efficiency and productivity. It can help significantly reduce the time and effort creators put into everything from content writing to coding. Elementor AI merges the worlds of AI and website building, allowing users to build and maintain sites in a fraction of the time and effort previously required.

Elementor AI can:

  • Generate text
  • Create custom CSS (for Pro users)
  • Create Custom Code (for Pro users)
  • Create code in the HTML widget
  • Generate images 

How does it work?

Elementor AI is built into a number of Elementor’s controls and elements. When you open a control or element that is AI-enabled, you’ll see one of the following options:

  • Write with AI
  • Code with AI
  • the AI icon

Click any of these options to start working with AI.

Why use Elementor AI?

Elementor AI is purpose built to work with Elementor and geared toward website building. When you use Elementor AI, the AI knows you are building a website, and so better understands what you want and can provide more exact, and useful, responses.

Next steps

To learn more, check out, Getting started with Elementor AI, after that, check out, Using Elementor AI to write text, and Using Elementor AI to add Custom CSS to your pages and elements

Learn more about creating effective AI prompts.

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