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Duplicate an Elementor page

Last Update: January 25, 2024

This feature only applies to Elementor Hosting sites. If you are using a third-party hosting service, refer to the article, Making a template from an existing page.

To help maintain consistency and work more quickly, you may want to duplicate a page. You do have an option of duplicating a page using the template library. However, if you’re using an Elementor hosted website, there is a faster way of doing this through the WordPress dashboard. 

Duplicating the page

To duplicate a page through the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to the Pages tab on your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Hover over a page and click More Options.

    image 10 Duplicate an Elementor page 1
  3. Select Duplicate Page.

    image 11 Duplicate an Elementor page 3
  4. Click Done
  5. The new page will appear on your list of pages.

    image 12 Duplicate an Elementor page 5

Next Steps

Now that you know how to duplicate a page using the WordPress dashboard, check out how to duplicate a page using the template library, or learn more about the template library.

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