Yoast SEO integration with Elementor

Yoast, the leading WordPress SEO plugin, is seamlessly integrated in Elementor, allowing you to access and modify your page’s SEO settings without leaving Elementor, for a more efficient workflow. The same features that have always been available in the WordPress editor are now available right within the Elementor Panel.

You can access your page’s Yoast analytics in either of two ways. Either click the Hamburger Menu in the upper left corner of the Elementor Panel and choose the Yoast SEO tab, or click the gear icon in the lower left corner of the Elementor Panel and choose the Yoast SEO tab.

Focus Keyphrase

The Focus keyphrase is the main keyword or phrase that you most wish to have rank well in search engines. Enter one phrase here. This phrase will be used in the SEO analysis tab. If you wish, you can also search for related keyphrases with the SEMrush integration by clicking the optional Get related keyphrases button. If you choose to use this feature, you will need to log into your SEMrush account in the popup that appears.

Note: Most options include a help icon, which you can click for detailed information about that option.

Readability Analysis

The Readability Analysis option uses an algorithm to judge the readability of the page or post content. It highlights problem areas and gives you actionable suggestions to fix your content.

SEO Analysis

The SEO Analysis option uses your selected Focus keyphrase to make suggestions to improve the content, such as internal links, the meta description, and more. You can use these suggestions to make changes right in the Elementor Editor. The analysis is done in real-time, and the changes are reflected in the sidebar. 

+ Add Related Keyphrase

If you are a Yoast SEO Premium user, you’ll find premium features, such as Add related keyphrase, which lets you focus on more than one keyphrase, here, and throughout the other options in the sidebar.

Google Preview

The Google Preview option lets you change the way your preview displays on Google. You can update the SEO Title, Slug, and Meta Description, as well as preview it on Mobile or Desktop.

Facebook Preview

The Facebook Preview option lets you customize the content displayed when sharing on Facebook. You can manage the preview image, as well as the Facebook title and description.

Twitter Preview

The Twitter Preview option lets you customize the content displayed for this page or post when sharing on Twitter. You can manage the preview image, as well as the Twitter title and description.


The Schema option helps search engines better understand your website and its content.

Select your Page type here.


The Advanced options are for more experienced users, and includes the ability to choose from the following settings: to allow search engine to show this page in search results, to direct search engines whether they should follow links on this page, and to set advanced meta robots and canonical URL options.

Cornerstone Content

The Cornerstone Content option allows you to mark this page as one of the most important and extensive articles on your site. Turn this off or on for this specific page here.

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