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Explore the Image Optimizer Library

Last Update: January 11, 2024

The Library is where you’ll organize and optimize images. Image Optimizer plugin by Elementor adds a control panel to the Media Library. 

Control panel

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Space Saved: The amount of disk space saved by optimizing images. This depends on a number of factors, including the settings you’ve chosen.

Following are some examples of image optimization:

Original size

Optimization method


1.16 MB

Default settings


1.16 MB

Lossless compression


1.16 MB

Lossy compression, Keep Exif metadata


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Images optimized: Tracks the number of images in your site’s media library and how many of them have been optimized. Bulk optimize allows you to optimize a number of images at one time. 

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Images in your plan: Each Image Optimizer plugin plan has a limit on the number of images you can optimize. The control panel tracks how many images you’ve optimized, and how many are left on your plan. Click Upgrade in order to increase the number of images you can optimize or Renew plan if your subscription has run out. See the Image Optimizer plugin by Elementor page for more details. 

This part of the control panel is only accessible to the account owner. Other users who have access to the WordPress dashboard will not see this section.

Media Library

The Media Library stores all the images, videos and sounds for your website.

You can do the below directly from the Media Library toolbar. 

Add New Media File
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Add a media file to the library. If you have the Optimizer set to automatically optimize images, new images will be optimized when you upload them to the library.
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Choose between gallery and list view to display the Media Library’s images. List view gives you the easiest way to see and use optimization options.
Type of media
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Choose to display: 
All media items
Unattached media

Media you uploaded
You can only optimize images.
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Filter media to view only the media uploaded in a certain month.

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