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Install a Kit

Last Update: January 31, 2024

To install a website kit, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your WP Admin.
    Install a Kit 10
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Templates > Kit Library.

    The Kit Library page appears.
    Install a Kit 11
  3. Hover over a websitekit you wish to apply.

    On the selected kit, the View Demo option appears.
    Install a Kit 4
  4. Click View Demo.

    The preview of the website pages appears, allowing you to view the pages as they appear on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device.
    Install a Kit 13
    The Install a Kit 6 icons on the top of the Website Kit page allow you to preview the page appearance of different screen types: desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  5. On the upper right corner, click Overview.

    All the pages and site parts such as header, footer, page and templates, archives, and 404 pages available on the Website kit for importing appear.
    Install a Kit 12
  6. On the upper right corner of the page, click Apply Kit.

    The Apply Kit? dialog appears.
    Install a Kit 14
  7. Click Customize to tailor the content of the website. Otherwise, click Apply All.
    When you click Apply All, you will be redirected directly to the IMPORT > Setting up your kit page.

    The IMPORT page appears when you click Customize.

Import Settings and Content

You can import the templates, content, and global site settings.

Install a Kit 1
  1. Select the plugins that you wish to import.
  2. Click Next.

    The IMPORT page to select the parts that you wish to apply appears.
    Install a Kit 2
  3. Check the box Templates if you wish to import all the templates.
  4. Check the box Content to import contents and select the custom post type from the Custom Post Type dropdown list.
  5. Check the box Site Settings to import the Global Colors, Global Fonts, Theme Style settings, Layout Settings, Lightbox Settings, and Background Settings from the website kit.
  6. Click Import.

    The dialog to enable unfiltered file uploads appears.
    Install a Kit 5
  7. Click Enable to import SVGs before applying the kit. We highly recommend you allow it.

    The IMPORT > Setting up your kit page appears. Please wait for the importer to complete the process, and ensure not to close the screen until finished.
    Install a Kit 15
    The successful application of the selected kit page appears.
    Install a Kit 16
    We highly recommend you install its on a clean WordPress website with no other kits, headers, footers, etc., previously installed. This recommendation is to avoid any conflict within your website that may arise due to the new kits overwriting or appending your current site data.

    Please refer How do I delete my Elementor hosted website to start over again? for information on how to start with a clean website.  All users can export their sites using the Export Kit.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Navigate back to WP Admin , and on the left navigation menu, click Pages.

    The Pages page appears, allowing you to view all the new pages added. You can not customize them individually as needed.
    Install a Kit 3
    For more information regarding Elementor’s powerful site-building tools, refer to our Academy. For further support or clarifications, please contact our Help Center.

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