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Last Update: December 14, 2023

Sometimes you make a mistake designing and building your website and rather than try and fix it, it’s better just to start from scratch. That answer depends on when you created your website.

For sites created on or after December 22, 2021

To restore your website:

  1. Go to your My Elementor dashboard.
    02a Select Manage this website Reset your website 1
  2. Hover over the website card and click Manage this website.
    Click Backups Reset your website 3
  3. Click Backups.
    Click Reset this website Reset your website 5
  4. Click Reset this website.
    temp Reset your website 7
  5. Confirm your selection.

Note for WooCommerce users: If your site uses WooCommerce, restoring the site to an earlier version includes restoring the data in any databases to their previous state. This means any orders made after this previous version will be lost.

For sites created before December 22, 2021

  1. Contact support with a request to delete your website.
  2. Elementor will email you to inform you that your site has been deleted.
  3. Visit your My Elementor dashboard.
  4. A new form will popup to create a new site, fill out this form.
  5. You’ll see your old site on the My Elementor dashboard.
  6. Delete your old site by clicking on the ellipsis (three vertical dots), next to the site name and select delete.
  7. Click Create Website to create your new site.

Note: Please wait 72 hours before trying to use the same subdomain again.

Next Steps

Now that you’re starting over, learn more about Elementor website kits and the advantages of starting with a kit.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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