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System Information

Last Update: March 4, 2024

System Info includes information about the Server and the WordPress environment.

Access System Info

To access System Info, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WP Admin.
  2. Go to Elementor > System Info.
    System Info
  3. Click Download System Info. A .txt file downloads.

System Info Content

System Information includes the following details.

Server Environment

Operating SystemThis is the operating system of the server. Common systems are Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS Server, and Darwin (Local by Flywheel).
SoftwareThe software used by the server. This is generally nginx or apache.  For detailed information about nginx configuration, refer Nginx.
MySQL VersionThe current version of MySQL that is used by the system.
PHP VersionThe version of php used by the website. Certain versions of php can affect your website. For details, see System Requirements To Use Elementor.
PHP Memory LimitDefined amount of memory allowed for PHP (for example, 128M).
PHP Max Input VarsMaximum number of variables your server can use for a single function to avoid overloads (for example: 4000).
PHP Max Post SizeMaximum space allowed for post. This may be increased to avoid timeouts (example: 1000M).
GD InstalledUsed for image processing and should be enabled.
ZIP InstalledAllows the server to extract and process zip files. It should be enabled.
Write PermissionsFor WordPress and Elementor to work properly, proper write permissions for folders must be enabled.
Elementor LibraryThis verifies that the connection to the library is active and ready to use the Template and Kit libraries.

WordPress Environment

VersionCurrent WordPress version.
Site URLAddress visitors use to visit the website.
Home URLHomepage address (should be the same as Site URL to avoid conflicts).
WP MultisiteIndicates whether Multisite is active on your installation.
Max Upload SizeMaximum size of file uploads (for example, images, videos, plugins).
Memory LimitMaximum memory allocated to each PHP script (recommended: 256M, may need 512M with numerous plugins).
Permalink StructureDisplays the type of Permalinks that your website uses. Some custom configurations may cause issues. For details, refer permalink structure.
LanguageDefault language of the website and editor. The editor language cannot be set differently from the site.
TimezoneTime zone set for the website. It may not reflect the admin location.
Admin EmailDefault email address that wordpress uses for all admin notifications.
Debug ModeIndicates whether debug mode is active or inactive.


NameName of the WordPress theme installed.
VersionVersion of the installed theme.
AuthorName of individual or company that developed the theme.
Child ThemeIndicates whether the active theme is a child theme of a parent theme.


RoleCurrent user’s role For example, Administrator).
WP Profile langPreferred theme language of the user.
User AgentOperating system and browser used to access site.

Active Plugins

This lists all the currently active plugins. It contains the version and author of the plugin. 

Keeping each plugin at the latest release for best site health.

Elementor Compatibility Tag

This lists the plugins that are being used but do not have a declared compatibility with the installed Elementor core version. 

The plugin developer needs to update the plugin to be compatible with Elementor.

Elementor Pro Compatibility Tag

This lists the plugins that are being used but do not have a declared compatibility with the installed Elementor Pro version. 

The plugin developer will need to update the plugin to be compatible with Elementor Pro.

Elements Usage

This region lists the widgets used by each site part on your website. It does not list the exact page where each is used.

Elementor Experimental Features

This is a list of all available experimental features and whether they are set to active. Some experimental features that are still in Alpha or Beta phase and may cause issues.


This displays a list of changes and errors associated with your website. From here you may find errors with plugins or updates. The Elementor support team can evaluate the log and find potential issues. 

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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