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Could not create directory

Last Update: March 4, 2024


There are two scenarios when this error occurs:

  • While installing plugins or themes –  Installation Failed: Could Not Create Directory 
  • While updating plugins or themes – Update failed: Could not create directory

This error indicates that WordPress does not have the proper permission to create a new folder or directory on your server, where it needs to store the theme and plugin files.

Possible causes

Two main causes for these errors are:

  • Incorrect file permissions.
  • Disk space is full or insufficient.


  • Contact your hosting company so that they can modify the file permissions of your server. For details, refer Changing File Permissions
  • Update the plugin or ask your hosting company to update the plugin, by downloading it from and uploading it via FTP ( wp-content > plugins). For details, see Update WordPress And WordPress Plugins.
  • Contact your hosting provider to increase disk space. You may have to upgrade your hosting plan.
Delete the version of the plugin that you are currently using.

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