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Activate & deactivate plugins

Last Update: August 10, 2023

Activating and deactivating plugins is often an important part of troubleshooting your site. You may run into situations where a plugin has not been updated and is causing problems on your site or you may need to isolate a problematic plugin. 

Activating or deactivating WordPress plugins

To activate or deactivate the plugin you’re using, follow these quick steps:

1. Log into your WordPress site.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard.

3. Click the Plugins tab located on the left-hand-side menu on your WordPress dashboard.

The Plugin tab on the WordPress dashboard
Find the Plugin tab on the WordPress dashboard

4. Now select Installed Plugins

Selecting Installed Plugins
Next choose Installed Plugins

5. Select the plugins you want to activate/deactivate by clicking on each checkmark box next to the plugin. You can also use the box next to the word Plugin to select all plugins simultaneously.

The checkmarks used to select Plugins
Use checkmarks to select plugins.

6. Click the Bulk Actions tab to reveal the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the Plugin tab in WordPress. Listed 3rd party plugins have a Bulk Actions filter selected from a drop-down and highlighted above the list in red.
Select bulk actions drop-down menu.

7. Now select activate/deactivate.

Screenshot of the Plugin tab in WordPress. Options available inside the Bulk actions drop-down menu like activate, deactivate, update, delete, enable auto-updates and disable auto-updates.
Select activate/deactivate

8. Click the Apply button to save the changes.

Apply Activate & deactivate plugins 6
Click Apply to save changes.

Plugins are one of the most important and powerful parts of a WordPress website. Take full control of your WordPress website by locating the best plugins for your site and enable/disable them as needed.  

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