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Accelerated plugins

Last Update: September 21, 2023

While WordPress plugins give users enormous flexibility in building their sites, they can also slow your site down. Plugins can contain hundreds of files, and accessing all these files tax server resources. 

Accelerated plugins available through Elementor Hosting, speed up file access by storing plugin files in the server’s RAM as opposed to reading them from a disk. This means your site loads faster when you edit it, and responds more quickly when website visitors access it.  

Find and install accelerated plugins

For a full list of accelerated plugins, see List of accelerated plugins.

To use accelerated plugins:

  1. Search the WordPress repository for a plugin. For more details, see Find and Install WordPress plugins.  

Note the  ZrKh2yP7t8m0XbyQS54MdvFRPu2lFNtSg8CJUrfhBGwj97EMHp7lNkRW5InSIRXZJavdHjoZs9ZK4iSvBV6pO6STvHfKihCWi Cg2cjInmFGvbU Accelerated plugins 17 icon. This indicated the plugin is part of Elementor Hosting accelerated plugin program. 

  1. Install the plugin.  For more details, see Find and Install WordPress plugins

Accelerated plugins are listed under the plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard. They are marked with a special icon Ez M3Zzrfl GMUUIi7h3jxEiXJtEN5KWFK 38zEaQrNBc yfblJvoYgtrr1Zp5V4rIlvCIBObCzl2vZ4ugspTpMLaqrDGJh44Qzwh3FMdy1KowkoJ46yWUu7iRUoymk1rT2d125u7eEeCOelpTUk7Q Accelerated plugins 19 for accelerated plugins.

Enable acceleration on an existing plugin

If you are already using a plugin that can be accelerated, acceleration will automatically be added the next time you update the plugin. You can also manually enable the acceleration feature.

To enable acceleration:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, locate the plugin.
  2. Click Accelerate Plugin.

Disable plugin acceleration

If you need to disable plugin acceleration:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, locate the plugin. 
  2. Click the accelerated plugin icon B0fWi6oi JKUqlR4iNqC6tJDBApM0eIfBvJRWJ1qaXxF5onMxRnY85k7p0rM3TADHdgEgVSQAoqaR2vn6cBvJHjM3yGOLe0 6ja FbmAfW1wViKW9Q8l UdK3gja6LbhZ9SRjo0anSY5kR1x Accelerated plugins 21.
  3. Confirm that you want to disable the acceleration.

Note: Your plugin will remain installed, just the acceleration will be disabled.


When using the accelerated plugin feature and logging into my SFTP – my plugin files are inaccessible – why is that?

Accelerated plugins use symlinks. This means the plugins are not on your site, but are shared among many sites. This makes them much faster but read-only. 

If I switch from Elementor hosting – will accelerated plugins still work?

No, this is an exclusive feature of Elementor hosting.

Does this mean I can’t upload any custom plugin files? 

You can still upload custom plugin files just as before. These custom plugins will not be accelerated. 

List of Accelerated Plugins

  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro

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