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Install & activate Elementor Core

Last Update: February 12, 2024

Install and activate Elementor Core

Elementor is a software tool for building websites on WordPress. It is called a plugin, which means it’s easy to install and activate through WordPress.  If you are just starting out, you can get quick access to Elementor’s free set of web-building tools called Elementor Core

  1. Navigate to WP Admin.
    image 1 Install & activate Elementor Core 1
  2. In WP Admin, navigate to Plugins>Add New Plugin.
    The plugin store front appears.
    There are a wide range of plugins available to you in the storefront.
    image 2 Install & activate Elementor Core 3
  3. In the search box, type Elementor Website Builder
    The Elementor Website Builder plugin appears in the pane. This is the free version of Elementor. The plugin logo is a bright pink E inside a rose-colored circle. 
    image 3 Install & activate Elementor Core 5
  4. Select the Install Now button as shown.
    image 4 Install & activate Elementor Core 7
  5. After a few seconds, the text on the button Install Now is replaced with the word Activate. Select the Activate button to activate Elementor Core. 
    After activation, continue with the following procedures to complete your set up.

Create an Elementor account

If you don’t have an Elementor account, you can create one by following the procedures below. Setting up an account will give you access to the Elementor Template Library, among other benefits. 
image 5 Install & activate Elementor Core 9

Click Skip if you do not want to create an account.

image 6 Install & activate Elementor Core 11

  • Choose the method you prefer to create your account. Your options are:
Click thisTo do this
Continue with GoogleCreate an account using your Google ID. In the future, you’ll be able to login by just clicking Continue with Google.   
Continue with Facebook Create an account using your Facebook ID. In the future, you’ll be able to login by just clicking Continue with Facebook.
Continue with AppleCreate an account using your Apple ID. In the future, you’ll be able to login by just clicking Continue with Apple.  
Continue with your emailCreate an account using your email address. You will then enter your email address, select a password and click Create account. In the future, use this email and password to login to Elementor.
If you create your account with an email address, you need to verify your login with a code you receive by email. Make sure you have access to the email account you register with.

Install the Hello Theme

The Hello Theme is a lightweight theme created by Elementor to give creators the greatest flexibility in creating their sites. For details, see What is the Hello Theme?

GHYTrf5VztXqkc5zP1K798d8RtV0c2VTtDtYZ6iqFFR8JjMNdNUIr1K WoF9rokqJIvA9FH7B01G0PH97hfl3LtIPTUoPlTjkD7TFKiMbzJp0TytIBklbfFTYlK1HwyEG1zLklaj7NyxXuKU7L8U Q Install & activate Elementor Core 13
  • Click Continue with Hello Theme to install the Hello theme.
Click Skip if you do not want to create an account.
If you install the Hello theme, you can switch to a different theme later.

Name your site

Every WordPress website needs to have a name.
image 7 Install & activate Elementor Core 15

  • If you want to keep your current site name, click Skip.
  • If you want to change your site name, enter the new name in the text box and click Next

You can now add a logo to your website. Logos are usually displayed in the website’s header.
image 8 Install & activate Elementor Core 17

  • If you don’t have a logo, click Skip.
  • If you have a logo, drag the image to the image box or click Open Media Library to use a logo from the Media library.

Start building your site

Choose one of two options to begin working on your site:
image 9 Install & activate Elementor Core 19

  • Start from a blank canvas
  • Start with a professionally designed template or your own template. Elementor templates give you a head start in designing your site. For more information about these templates, see About Elementor Website kits.
If you are purchasing Elementor Pro, you will have a much larger selection of kits to choose from after you install Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro

If you are an Elementor Pro user, you can now install Elementor Pro. See Install Elementor Pro for more details. 

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