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Regenerate CSS & Data

Last Update: February 2, 2024

Always backup your site before regenerating CSS and data

Regenerating CSS and data can be necessary in certain situations to ensure that your website’s design and functionality are up-to-date and working properly. Some reasons why you might want to regenerate CSS and data:

  • Theme or Plugin Updates:  If you update your WordPress theme or any plugins, there might be compatibility issues with the existing Elementor styles or data. Regenerating CSS and data can help resolve these issues.
  • Design Changes:  When you make significant design changes using Elementor, such as modifying layouts, colors, fonts, or other styling elements, regenerating CSS ensures that the changes are accurately applied to your website.
  • Cache Issues: Cached CSS and data can cause discrepancies between what is displayed on the front end and what you’ve designed in the Elementor editor. Regenerating helps clear these caches and ensures that the latest styles and data are used.
  • Troubleshooting: If you experience unexpected behavior or display issues on your website, regenerating CSS and data can be a troubleshooting step. It helps in ruling out any caching or outdated data problems that might be causing the issues
  • Performance Optimization: Regenerating CSS and data can be part of performance optimization. It ensures that your website loads efficiently by generating and serving optimized styles and data.
  • Browser Compatibility: Some issues may arise due to browser-specific quirks or bugs. Regenerating CSS can help ensure that the styles are compatible with different browsers, improving cross-browser compatibility.

Regenerate CSS & Data

To regenerate CSS and data:
image 50 Regenerate CSS & Data 9

  1. Go to Elementor>Tools.
    image 51 Regenerate CSS & Data 11
  2. Click Regenerate Files & Data.

This will regenerate your CSS and data.

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