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Image Loading Optimization

Last Update: April 14, 2024

Image Loading Optimization is an experimental feature designed to improve performance by decreasing the time it takes for a page to load. As an experimental feature, you will need to turn it on in order to use it.  For more details about activating experimental features, see What are Elementor experimental features?

What does it do?

Image Loading Optimization speeds up page load times by automatically identifying the image that will take the longest time to load and giving it priority. This typically improves page loading times by 5-10%.

In addition, this feature implements smart lazy-loading, which detects and implements lazy loading when it’s beneficial, and prevents it when it’s detrimental. For more information on lazy loading, see Lazy Loading.  

In Image Loading Optimization, lazy loading is not applied to “above the fold” images – the images at the top of the page when it loads.

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