Improved Asset Loading

Optimized Assets Loading is an experiment meant to improve a website’s front end performance, speeding up each page by only loading the functionalities needed by that page. This experiment provides the option to load less code by default, which translates to significantly faster page load times and better page speed scores.

By loading parts of the infrastructure JS code only when needed on the page, this can result in significant JS files size reduction. See more details here.

In addition, by breaking the loading method to small chunks, users who use HTTP/2 protocol in their sites will benefit from efficient loading, due to multiplexing which allows a browser to request all the assets in parallel. This results in a dramatic performance gain.

Core Improvement

Improved Asset Loading

The following elements will only load if used on the page.

  • Lightbox and Screenful libraries (±20KB)
  • Dialog library (11KB)
  • Share links library (3KB)

Note: In order for this experiment to work properly, you’ll have to use the Elementor Pro v3.0.9 version and above. Currently, this experiment only applies to Elementor Core widget handlers (JS files), and the Swiper library in Elementor and Elementor Pro instances. Pro widgets handlers will be added in a later Pro version.  3rd party addons may cause potential conflicts if they have not optimized their plugins to use this feature properly.

How To Use This Experiment

  1. Go to Elementor > Settings > Experiments tab.
  2. Select Active from the Optimized Assets Loading dropdown. (Must be activated manually).
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Conditional and Inline CSS Load Experiment

For information about this, please click here.

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